Ribera Alta de Navarra occupies the central part of Navarra and covers the territory of four towns that carry historical and cultural heritage to be explored together with its fine wines. Ribera Alta accounts for almost one-third of all the wines produced in Navarra. The sub-region is further divided into Olite, Lerín and Marcilla. The majority of wineries and vineyards in Ribera Alta are located around the town of Olite.

The well respected sub-region of Ribera Alta has an array of wines known throughout the world for their significance and reputation. As you embark on your travels through the wine region of Navarra, we invite you to dive into these distinctive wines.

Ribera Alta’s unparalleled elegance is due to the specific climate, soil, and winemaking techniques of the region. These elements contribute to a style of wine found nowhere else in Spain, or the world for that matter.

Climate and Soils of Ribera Alta:

Ribera Alta, like other Northern sub-zones of Navarra, has dry continental climate with Atlantic influence. However, in the Southern Part of Ribera Alta, climate changes into semi-arid with higher level of rainfall.

Similar to other sub-zones of Navarra, Ribera Alta is also characterized by the diversity of soils that change upon the elevation. Besides silty loams, Marl and sandy soils that you can mainly find in the sub-zone, there are also some alluviar deposits and rocky formations that create natural drainage for the vineyards.

Wines of Ribera Alta:

Tempranillo vineyards dominate the territory of Ribera Alta. Yet, you can still find wide range of other red and white grape varieties used in production of one of the finest wines of the region.

Ribera Alta is one of the sub-zones of Navarra that produces soft, aromatic red wines mainly from local grape varieties such as Tempranillo and Garnacha. However, often you will also find Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in this blend. These reds of Ribera Alta are characterized by their freshness and moderate tannins with aromas of red and black forest fruit.

The sub-zone also produces rich and aromatic white wines from the Chardonnay grape variety. Navarra is generally know for its barrel-fermented Chardonnay that carries toasty, spicy and nutty aromas.

ochoa winery lush and amazing vineyards near winery in spain

Vineyards of Bodegas Ochoa – family-run winery located near Olite town.

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We invite you to dive into the distinctive wines that make Ribera Alta a favorite for wine drinkers worldwide. Look through our site to discover what Wineries in Ribera Alta have to offer and take full advantage of this lovely region. Find out more about Wine Tasting and Tours in Ribera Alta.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 4,125
Grapes: Most commonly planted grape variety is Tempranillo together with white varieties of Chardonnay and Moscatel de Grano Menudo.
Types of Wines:

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