Travel Guide to Peloponnese Wine Region

The Peloponnese wine region locates on a peninsula in southern Greece, connected to Central Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth land bridge. Premium wines are developed here from a combination of particular terroir and autochthones grape varieties. The landscape is diverse, with snow-capped mountains, rugged valleys, and paradisiac beaches. This geography allows the formation of a unique microclimate, providing hot days and cold nights to develop outstanding grapes. The Peloponnesian wines combine indigenous varieties such as Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko, and Mavrodaphne with traditional grapes in original blends.

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White memorial road of Wine Roads in Nemea, Peloponnese wine region, Greece

Authentic Flavors and Aromas from Peloponnese Wine Region

The Peloponnese wine region is historically significant for the wine world. Thousands of years ago, Homer referred to it as “a place full of vines”. During the Venetian rule of the Middle Ages, sweet Malvasia wines began to be traded all over Europe, especially to big centers like London and Paris. The modern Peloponnese wine region is one of the most viticulturally productive sites in Greece. The multifaceted territory varies in landscape and weather through subregions, mixing the ancient Greek ruins with nature.

The millenary Greek wine tradition is present in Peloponnesian wines, where native grape varieties such as Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, and Mavrodaphne are grown. The wines of the Peloponnese are complex and interesting, from fresh and minerally whites to full-bodied reds.

The terroir of the Peloponnese wine region varies through the territory. The appellations designate considerable differences between wines, as the soil is diverse and the climate is mild and hot on the coast and cooler in the center. These conditions lead to a balance of flavor and acidity in ripe grapes.

Large Vineyard Areas Divided into Eight Distinctive Territories

The Peloponnese wine region is the largest vineyard area in Greece, representing around 31% of wine production in the country. With 24 P.G.I and 10 P.D.O, the peninsula tears eight main subregions: Argolis, Arcadia, Achaia, Ilia, Corinthia, Laconia, Messinia, and Kefalonia.

Achaia has 12% of the vineyards of Greece, being one of the most significant wine subregions. Its terroir has Mediterranic seaside weather, with mean temperatures of 17º C and soils mainly composed of calcium carbonate forming a neutral pH, composing especially premium white wines.  

The subregions of Corinthia and Argolis are known for the Nemea appellation. Traditionally, Nemea means “Hercules’ blood” in ancient Greek, produced totally with Agiorgitiko grapes, forming fragrant sweet red wines.

Grape Varieties:

     Red: Agiorgitiko, Refosco, Mavrodaphne, Cabernet Sauvignon

     White: Moschofilero, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Robola

Wines to Try in Peloponnese

The wines of Peloponnese are born in a combination of extensive vineyard areas and diverse grape varieties. Here are produced around 25% of P.D.O Greek wines, mostly by indigenous grapes.

  • The noble red Agiorgitiko and pink Moschofilero grape varieties take advantage of the diurnal temperature range, producing refreshing acidity in the wines. The versatility of Agiorgitiko is vast, from light rosé wines with spiced raspberry notes to full-bodied red wines.
  • International grapes are also under the vine in the Peloponnese wine region. The worldwide know Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Refosco, and Cabernet Sauvignon create authentic blends with the local grapes.
  • The widespread white grape Roditis creates a range of wine styles, but it is remarkable for dry wines such as P.D.O Patras. This grape can bring notes of lemons and fresh fruits to the nose, cooling acidity to the palate.
  • The sweet wines of the Peloponnese are appreciated worldwide, especially with the popular Mavrodaphne grapes of Patras. The P.D.O wines mature one year in oak barrels, at least, where they develop eccentric aromas of caramelized dark fruits and spices.

Wineries to Visit in Peloponnese Wine Region

Papantonis Winery

papantonis winery many bottles of beautiful wine on wooden shelves

Papantonis Winery is located close to the magnificent town of Argo and is the first winery that delivered the highest quality, sweet wine from the Agiorgitiko grape variety in 2002.

Join Antonis Papantonis and have a memorable wine experience at Papantoni Winery. Get a chance to pair up unique local food, served with Greek wines directly from the company’s assortment.

Domaine Skouras

domaine skouras lush and amazing vineyard against great estate

If you would like to experience amazing wine pairing with the local cuisine of Nemea Region, which is the most popular DOP in Greece, Domaine Skoura is waiting for you.

Witness the aromatic vine rows and organize a picnic with among them a bottle of wine in hand. You can as well discover all the wine production phases, including fermentation, aging, refining, and many more.

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Discover the Peloponnese

Nafplio – A Beautiful City in Eastern Peloponnese

This charming and romantic town locates in the Argolis region of the Peloponnese. Between 1823 and 1834, the city was the first capital of the new Greek state. When visiting here, walk through the medieval Old Town, a neoclassical architecture with cobblestone allies. The weather generally assures sunny days and a mild climate, being a perfect time for relaxing in one of its two beaches.

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus – A One-of-a-kind Ancient Greek Site

Imagine a place where nature and culture form a perfect bond. Located in the city of  Epidaurus, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus is a must-visit spot in the Peloponnese. The theater is an open-air space with well-preserved acoustics and structure. The ancient theater dates around 330-340 BC, built to receive performances in honor of Asclepius, a medicine god. The 34 rows of seats spread through 34 blocks allowed 15 000 spectators to hear the presentations. When visiting Epidaurus, make sure to see this Greek masterpiece.

Ancient theater Epidaurus, Peloponnese wine region, Greece
Archaeological Site of Olympia – The Cradle of Western Society

One might not imagine Greece without reminding of Olympia, the birthplace of the modern Olympic games. This locality is a UNESCO World Heritage, where the traditional games took place from 776 BC to 393 AC, once every four years. In the archeological site where the ancient would worship Zeus, the old Greek columns form a picturesque scenario for an unforgettable tour.

Hidden Gem – The Corinth Canal

This tidal waterway built by human hands connects the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea, separating the Peloponnese region from the Greek mainland. This vital ship passage is 6,4 kilometers long with 25 meters large, where small bridges link the two pieces of land. The sight provided by both crossing the bridges or touring in boats is breathtaking.

Nature Attractions of the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is well known for its ancient history and natural wonders. Enjoy a great time exploring the peninsula, a place for great wine experiences and amazing discoveries.

Kalamaris Waterfall – Peaceful Hidden Paradise

For those who are siking new adventures, the 10-meter-high Kalamaris Waterfall is a piece of clear and refreshing water. Near the seaside town of Gialova, the wonderful landscape provides the best of fauna and flora. Narrow trails lead visitors through the jungle, accompanied by the quacking of frogs. This peaceful hidden paradise worth the visit.

Diros Cave – The Underground Network of Caves

The Diros Cave is a complex of underground caves in the city of Diros. This exotic site is full of strangely shaped rock formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites. The low temperature and the curiosity of knowing what is beyond darkness give chills. The vast caverns are 15 km large, giving the tourist a 1,5 km illuminated route, stretched through several waterways. In the biggest cave called Vlychada is possible to have boat tours, making this experience even more engaging. 

Cave of The Lake

Another famous cave in Greece is the Cave of the Lake, located near the city of Kalavryta. Here are amazing stalactic formations in wonderful galleries, something unique to see. Besides the different rock formations, a river runs through the cave on three levels, and in the summertime, the drying transforms the river into thirteen magnificent lakes. Diverse fossils attracted paleontological and archaeological interest over this cave. The impressive formations and the bright blue lakes add even more mystery to the multicolor chambers.

Taste the Mediterranean Cuisine in the Peloponnese

Greek gastronomy provides a vast collection of flavors. The classic olive oil highlights the taste of fishes, vegetables, and meats. Paring local wines with traditional dishes create unique culinary moments.  

Sfela – Original Greek Cheese

Sfela is a traditional cheese from the Peloponnese, made from goat or sheep milk, or even a mixture of both. This semi-hard cheese gains small roles from the fermentation process, later being matured and stored in brine. The cattle that produce the milk for this cheese is traditionally from the Messinia and Lakonia regions. Sfela combines ideally with meat or vegetables, and when paring with Peloponnesian wine becomes a tasty experience.

Syglino – Try The Smoked Pork with Aromatic Sage from Mani

This traditional cured pork dish is from the Mani region in the Peloponnese. This smoky meat recipe uses different pork parts, such as the belly, shoulders, and legs. Unique flavors and aromas become noticeable when the pork gets seasoned in a smoking and salt-curing process. The main herb that gives Syglino a delicious taste in sage, usual in the Greek culinary. After smoked in the wood fire, the pork is chopped and cooked, later preserved in pork fat.

Stafida Ilias – Corinthian Black Raisin

The vineyards of the Corinthian region of Ilia produce more than great wines. This region also produces Stafida Ilias, a kind of raisin made from black dried grape berries. This delicacy dates back to the 14th century, born from ancient Greek cuisine. The harvest of these berries is generally in August, earlier than the wine grapes. After it, the process of drying can be both in the sun or shadow. Loved by a large public, the Stafida Ilias in widely exported, mainly for the European Union countries. Don’t forget to try it when visiting the region.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Peloponnese Wine Region

1. Where is the Peloponnese wine region located?

The Peloponnese wine region is a peninsula located on the southern edge of continental Greece. The peninsula is made of different mountains, rugged plateaus, and valleys where ancient viticulture spreads through.

2. What are the most famous sub-regions and appellations in Peloponnese?

There are eight main sub-regions in the Peloponnese wine region, namely, Argolis, Arcadia, Achaia, Ilia, Corinthia, Laconia, Messinia, and Kefalonia.

Along those, the wine appellations are organized into 24 P.G.I and 10 P.D.O, whereas Nemea is the most famous one, meaning “Hercules’ blood”.

3. What are the main grape varieties in Peloponnese?

The wine-making at the Peloponnese is dominated by indigenous grape varieties. Here, the reds Agiorgitiko, Refosco, Mavrodaphne, and Cabernet Sauvignon rules, as on the white side, Moschofilero, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, and Robola are the main grapes under vine.

4. What is the best wine to try in Peloponnese?

The vast range of grape varieties makes it easy for the Peloponesse wine region to create versatile wine styles. However, one of the best wines to try here is the Agiorgitiko. This grape benefits from the diurnal temperature range, producing wines of refreshing acidity, from light rosé wines to full-bodied red wines.

5. How big is the Peloponnese peninsula?

Around 21,500 km2. The peninsula has three main administrative regions which divide the whole area, where most belong to the Peloponnese region and small fractions of it belong to the Attica and West Greece regions.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 19400
Wineries: 180
Soil: Diverse range of soils from limestone to loam sandy-clay
Climate: Summers are warm and dry in the coast but cooler in the center region, mild winters

Selected wineries in Peloponnese

Achaia Clauss
The oldest winery in Greece with rich winemaking history and traditions
Acheon Winery
Producing the best, organic Rodites wines in the Aigiala region.
Bizios Estate
Witness the large stainless steel tanks that produce about 200 tonnes of wines every year.
Domaine Nikolaou
An estate that makes wines using wild fermentation techniques.

Wine tastings & tours in Peloponnese

Wine tasting and tour at Achaia Clauss
Visit their historical wine castle and enjoy their Wine Tasting & Tour experience at Achaia Clauss
Wine Tasting and Tour at Acheon Winery
A ravishing Wine Tasting & Tour combined with a picnic and a trek among the grape plants at Acheon Winery
Wine Tasting and Tour at Bizios Estate
Gather an exquisite Wine Tasting & Tour experience, view of the countryside, & viticulture guide at Bizios Estate
Wine Tasting and Tour at Domaine Nikolaou
Discover the excellent terroirs of Nemea, combined with a guided Wine Tasting & Tour at Domaine Nikolaou

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List of Wineries in Peloponnese wine region

Achaia Clauss