Travel Guide to Central Greece Wine Region

In the heart of the Greek mainland, the Central Greece region is a broad and diverse area for winemaking. Responsible for almost one-third of the country’s wine, Central Greece is home to the Retsina resinated wines, famous worldwide. The diversity in microclimates of the large area provides a range in terroir. The legacy of winemaking here is tremendous, as the myths suggest that this is the place where the wine god Dionysus was born. Both local and foreign grape varieties are responsible for the creation of distinctive wines. 

Find out about Wine Tasting & Tours in Central Greece to enjoy if you visit the region.

Athens seen from Philopapou hill with views to Herodium , Acropolis and the Parthenon, Attica, Greece

The Heart of the Greek Mainland

The Central Greece wine region has large valleys where lays a range of grape varieties under vine. Between the Agrafa and Pindus mountains, the most common grapes found here are Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Athiri.

In this broad space, mostly in hot and dry weather, 22 Regional Wines are produced, including the Regional Wines of Central Greece, Valley of Atalanti, and Attika. A few vineyards are in high altitudes, where the temperature is colder than in the fields. 

Myths and tales of the ancient Greeks are something that attracts the curiosity of many. One of these myths is about the city of Thebes, in Central Greece, where the Greek god of wine Dionysius is supposed to be born. As the story tells, the mortal Icarus was the one who received the gift of winemaking, spreading the culture towards the land.

A complex topography is responsible for a diversity of soil types, ranging from poor to very fertile. The vine roots grow in-depth on mainly clay loam soils with calcium-rich fragments. The landscape creates diverse microclimates. The hot summers are excellent for viniculture around the mountains, while at a higher altitude, the terroir provides ideal conditions for a slower ripening and balanced acidity in the grapes.

Domaine Hatzimichalis, one of our partner wineries in Central Greece Wine Region

Sub-Regions of Central Greece

Differences in the environment allow the Central Greece wine region to have more than 20 P.G.I wine zones. This region is commonly divided into Attica and Thessaly.

The Attica district is historically relevant in Central Greece, where the countries capital is. The topography of Attica varies from extensive plain lands to mountainous areas near Athens. Home of the reputed Retsina resinated wine, which Savatiano grapes are under vine in sandy and gravelly soils.

At Thessaly, the altitude of 700 meters helps develop excellent vineyards of well-adapted Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. An exclusive grape of the region is Krasato, a versatile option to increase the alcohol content and give color to blends.

Grape Varieties:

     Red: Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Krasato, Stavroto, Limniona, Vradiano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah

     White: Savatiano, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Begleri, Chardonnay

Excellent Wines to Try in Central Greece

Wines of Central Greece are unique, although diverse. The most common grape variety under vine is Savatiano, a white grape spread through Attica. The modern winemaking of the region led to the development of excellent dry wines. The Retsina wines made from this grape create unique flavor by the contact with pine resin.

The mixture of local and foreign varieties creates complex notes to the Central Greece wines. Some of the examples here are the Assyrtico, Cabernet Sauvignon, Athiri, and Syrah. The last one, Syrah, gained incredible success in the Attica, where its wines achieved a strong peppery character and great potential for aging.

When in sunny and too warm sites, the grapes can suffer from fast ripening, which might lead to a loss in acidity, later corrected in the winemaking process.

Wineries to Visit in Central Greece Wine Region

Georgas Winery

georgas family visitors on vineyard during winery tour in lovely greece

Georgas Winery has a long family history of winemaking in the Spatta territory, where they practice organic winemaking today. They have been producing world-class wines for over a century through the generations. The family of Georgas winery uses traditional winemaking methods combined with organic and modern techniques, both in the viticulture and wine production.

Visit Georgas Winery and taste the wines that reflect local soil and biodiversity.

Markou Wine MuseumWinery

Markou is family owned winery located in Attica, Central Greece. Markou Winery consists of two exquisite elements. The Markou vineyards in Peania & the Wine Museum in Pallini. 

The estate gives opportunity to visit their museum, where you will be introduced to historic wine culture and interesting methods of wine production and will be able to taste their wines.

Lykos Winery

Lykos Winery is located in Central Greece on the beautiful island of Evia, just 80 km from Athens in Malakonta-Eretria. The Lykos Family’s second generation winemakers respect their winemaking tradition while complimenting these traditions with the utilization of technology and machinery.

The best grapes go into producing their famous red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines. The character of each grape variety is present in the wines, and the fruity taste and lasting aromas are the trademarks of Lykos Winery.

Read more about Wineries in Central Greece to visit.

Explore the Land of Vineyards, Ancient Myths, and Greek Tragedies

Places to Explore in Central Greece

Delphi -The Most Famous Oracle in Greece

In Delphi lays a Pan-Hellenic sanctuary, once sacred to the ancient Greeks. Considered the most important oracle of Greece, this place gathered leaders from all over Greece in order to consult major decisions. At the foot of Mount Parnassos, the massive grandstand supported over 5 000 people who reunite to amusement with musical, dramatic, and poetic performances. The ruins at the archeological site transform the tours into magical experiences of an ancient world.

When visiting the Central Greece wine region, don’t forget to take a look at Mount Parnassus. If you are already passing through Delphi or not, the 2 457-meter-high mount is something to see. The limestone formation towers a typical Greek landscape of olive groves and countryside. The scenic views carry a mythological history, once sacred to Dionysus, Apollo and the Corycian nymphs. The hiking up the mount will guarantee incredible views of ancient Greek remains and breathtaking flora.

Galaxidi – A Charming and Picturesque Coastal Town

Visiting Galaxidi makes you fall in love with the sea. In the city center is possible to see charming neoclassical white houses of unique Greek architecture. Recognized by the maritime atmosphere, the scenic ports are something to see. In this serene town, you can find tranquility enjoying a bicycle ride in the beautiful alleyways. Relaxing strolls seaside provide delightful sights.

Coastal town Galaxidi, Central Greece
Thermopylae – Where 300 Spartans Sacrificed their Lives

When visiting the Central Greece wine region, an exciting historical site to see is Thermopylae. Located in Lamia, the place is famous for one remarkable military feat of 480 BC. Where once was a narrow coastal passage, the 300 Spartans guided by Leonidas sacrificed their lives to guarantee a Greek victory against the Persian army. On this site, a triumphal statue of Leonidas symbolizes the battle. Beyond the historical past, this site provides relaxing experiences on the natural hot pools.

Explore the Fauna and Flora of the Central Greece

The ancient Greek architecture of columns and oracles intertwines the greenish nature from the landscape. The scenic views of Central Greece are something unique, where the vineyards hold mythological history.

Drimona Waterfalls – Natural Beauty in the Surroundings of Evia

Greek natural wonders are something to see in the Central Greece wine region. When looking for a refreshing time, especially in the hot summer months, the Drimona Waterfalls of Evia might serve you well. The breathtaking greenery and the gigantic mountains around the falls worth the visit. Around 4 km near the Monastery of St. David, this isn’t something to be missed.

Edipsos Thermal Springs – Historical Welfare Space

The famous hot waters of Edipsos have already received worldwide celebrated people. From emperors of ancient times, artists to politicians from the present, the thermal waters are credited for their healing power. The amazing resorts of Edipsos have unique experiences when it comes to healing mineral baths. For wellness, relief, or to have a good day around a fantastic landscape, Edipsos must be included in your trip list when in Greece.

The Canyon of Panta Vrexei – A Piece of Nature that Always Rains

Another natural wonder in Central Greece is the Canyon of Panta Vrexei, greek for “it always rains”. Found in between the villages Dolianais and Roska, it’s an incredible piece of nature where the water runs from the steep mountain Kaliakouda. Tourists can enjoy 40 minutes hikings starting from Stournaras Roska bridge, in an astonishing walking. 

Waterfalls on the river Krikiliotis at Panta Vrexei, Central Greece

The Central Greece Cuisine

Flavor and aroma define the healthy Greek cuisine. Different delicacies and dishes from the Central Greece wine region can pair excellent wines in tasty experiences.

Xera Syka Kymis – Dried Figs from Evia

The land of olive trees and vineyards also grows tasty figs. The Xera Syka Kymis is a delicacy made from dried Traganikà figs. This variety is from the Central Greece wine region, specifically found in the municipality of Kymi on Evia. The harvest of this fruit usually happens at the end of summer, when the figs are in a stage of ripe to very ripe. Later, a traditional drying process transforms the figs, shrinking and losing the excess water for four to five days in the sun or special ovens. After that, the fruits stay for fifteen days in a clean space, later being washed and packaged, ready to provide a sweet experience.

Formaella Arachovas Parnassou

Traditional Cheese Made from Goat and Cheep Milk

Exclusively from Arachova, in Central Greece, this semi-hard cheese is famous all over Greece and exported abroad. Made with sheep or goat milk – or even from the blend of the two – this cylindrical shape cheese is curdled and later salted and dried in special molds or baskets. The final product is a cheese of hard and consistent skin, light yellow color, without holes. When paired with local red wines and regional dishes provide tasty experiences.

Katiki Domokou – Low Fat Flavored Cottage Cheese

Another excellent cheese from Greece is Katiki Domokou, a cottage cheese made from goat milk or a blend of sheep and goat milk. The breeds are traditionally from the village of Domokos, located in the Othrys mountain range. Interestingly made without rennet, the traditional recipe has few steps: once drained and salted, the cottage cheese is ready to package. The Katiki Domokou is another product to try from the healthy cuisine of Greece, rich in flavors and low in fat.

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Region Highlights

Soil: Wide diverse, but mainly clay loam soil with calcium-rich fragments
Climate: Warm and dry in the east, cold in the mountainous areas of the center, while humid with high rain fall levels in the west

Selected wineries in Central Greece

Domaine Hatzimichalis
Discover Authentic Wines from the Distinct Atalanti Chora
Georgas Family
Producing wines, approved by DIO, IFOAM, and USDA wine inspection organizations.
Lykos Winery
Second-generation winery making organic wines and certified by the Ministry of Tourism
Markou Wine Museum
Meet one of the best wine catering team of Greece - The Bistecca Social.

Wine tastings & tours in Central Greece

Wine Tasting and Tour at Domaine Hatzimichalis
Enjoy a wine tasting and guided tour in the Atalanti Valley at Domaine Hatzimichalis.
Wine Tasting and Tour at Georgas Family
Complete your day with a guided Wine Tasting & Tour and a stroll of the vineyards and winery at Georgas Family
Wine tasting and tour at Lykos winery
Let's have a wine tasting clubbed with a guided tour at Lykos winery
Wine Tasting and Tour at Markou Wine Museum
Complete immersion in the wine world, vineyards, wine cellar, and so much more at Markou Wine Museum Wine Tasting & Tour

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Domaine Hatzimichalis