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Vienna wine region is unique among all the wine world as it is the only capital city where you can find commercial vineyards around and even within the city. The first vines were planted and cultivated in Vienna as far back as 1132 AD. The traditional wine made in Vienna is Gemischter Satz, which is made by blending the different white grapes grown in a single vineyard. The grapes are grown, harvested, and fermented together. This is considered the typical Vienna wine. Vienna is divided into winemaking districts and each of them has its own charm and wonderful experiences for wine lovers. The most popular feature of the wine industry in Vienna is the number of Heuriger or wine taverns in the city.

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Unique wine traditions of Vienna

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What to eat in Vienna

Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Where Winemaking Runs through the Veins of the City

The cityscape of Vienna is marked with beautiful vineyards. Vienna is the perfect destination to explore the city while enjoying the range of excellent local wines at the same time. For wine lovers, Vienna is the perfect wine tourism hub of Austria that is a must see on all itineraries.

Unique Wine Traditions of Vienna

Wine is an integral part of the history and soul of Vienna. Throughout history, the wine tavern or Heurigen culture has been a major part of life in Austria. This culture sprang to life when law allowed the local wine growers and producers to serve food with their wine. Today this culture continues to boom and grow.

The wine of Vienna is considered to be some of the best in the world. Within Vienna there are approximately 630 producers of wine, working mainly from urban vineyards. These vineyards are easy for visitors to explore either by tram or foot. The urban vineyards of Vienna are mainly planted with white grape varietals such as Gruner Veltliner. This grape is considered to be the quintessential grape of Austria. Chardonnay is also commonly planted.

For the perfect Austrian wine experience, visitors can hop on the Vienna Heurigen Express. This choo choo train takes wine lovers and visitors through the vineyards of Vienna as well as the town itself. On the journey, the train passes about 180 wine taverns where passengers can disembark and spend time wine tasting and enjoying the local cuisine. This is truly a one of a kind wine tourism experience that should not be missed.

Wines from Europe’s Top Urban Vineyards  

The urban vineyards of Vienna grow up to 36 different varietals of grapes. The majority of these (86%) are white grapes and the remainder (14%) red. Of the white grape varietals, the most commonly grown is the Gruner Veltliner, followed by Gemischter Satz.

The white grapes of the Vienna region include Riesling, Weissburgunder, Gruner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc and Gelber Muskatteller. These grapes are used to produce white wines that are notably elegant and fruity. The flavour of the wine is thanks to the cooler climate of the region and the stony soils.

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties: Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, St Laurent

White Varieties: Riesling, Weissburgunder, Gruner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskatteller

The southern regions of Vienna are where the red grape growing areas are found. The typical red grape varietals grown in this region are Zwegelt, Pinot Noir, St Laurent and many others. This region is located close to the forest lands of Vienna. This landscape provides the vineyards with protection from harsh weathers. The terroir also provides sandy soils perfect for the growth of vines.

Gemischter Satz is the most iconic and traditional wine produced accross different districs of Vienna wine region. in 2013, the wine received DAC status and since than it solidifies its position as the symbol of Viennese winemaking. Wiener Gemischter Satz, which displays citrus, herbal and white flower notes with aromas of melon and pineapple, is the blend of several different grape varieties co-planted, co-harvested and fermetned together.

Explore the Heritage of Vienna

Kahlenberg, Grinzing and Dobling

The Villages of the Vienna Woods

The village of Kahlenberg is located in the Vienna woods. Kahlenberg is one of the most popular destinations for day trips taken from Vienna. The village of Grinzing forms part of the Dobling district of Vienna. This is a more heavily populated area that borders on the Vienna woods. Kahlenberg, Grinzing and Dobling are most frequently visited by tourists because of their large number of Heurigen or wine taverns. Many of these taverns are located in the woods, providing beautiful scenery for a day of wine tasting. For visitors to Kahlenberg, Grinzing and Dobling, be sure to take your own transport as many of the taverns in these villages are tricky to reach.

Innere Stadt – The Innermost Center of Vienna

The district of Innere Stadt is the innermost district of Vienna. Inner Stadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a pleasure to visit. At the heart of Innere Stadt is the world-famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This church is considered by many to be the symbol of Vienna. From the cathedral, the streets of Vienna extend in all directions, including the most famous Karntner and Graben Streets. To make access to the cathedral easier, most of this area of Innere Stadt is pedestrianized and easy to spend hours walking through. Other attractions to visit in Innere Stadt include the Kaisergruft, the Jesuitenkirche, the Ruprechtskirche, the Peterskirche and the Maria am Gestade. Innere Stadt provides the opportunity to step into one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. 

Hundertwasser House Vienna – Vienna’s Most Unique House

The Hundertwasser House in Vienna is considered to be the most unique house and apartment unit in Vienna. The house was designed by the famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. During his time, Hundertwasser was considered a rebel architect. His passion was for buildings with free architecture, without the use of straight lines and societal norms. The Hundertwasser House is a marvel for those who appreciate unique architecture. For those visiting the house, it can only be observed from the outside. The area outside of the house has been pedestrianized with fountains and benches. This provides the perfect spot to relax and admire the interesting architecture and design of the building.

What is Life Without Outdoor Adventures?

The Vienna region is well known for its sprawling green spaces and beautiful natural environment. The city of Vienna itself, is one of the greenest cities anywhere in the world. The forests, vineyards, parks and landscapes of Vienna make if the perfect place for an adventure in nature.

The Vienna Woods – The Green Lung of Vienna

The Vienna wine region is located on the edge of the Vienna Woods. These woods are a branch of the world-famous Alps. They are also part of a nationally protected green belt. The Vienna Woods cover an area of over 1350 square kilometers. This large forest provides the perfect habitat for a wide range of animals and plant species. One of the most exciting events at the Vienne Woods is the ‘Day of the Species’ during which visitors are invited to explore the woods, learn about the animals and enjoy a range of culinary delights. The complete Vienna Woods is made up of 4 national parks and 15 nature reserves – each with its own uniqueness. For outdoor lovers there are a number of walking and hiking paths through the woods as well as information points to provide tips for a wonderful day in nature.

Neuwaldegger Bad – The Perfect Outdoor Pool

The Neuwaldegger Bad is an outdoor pool located on the periphery of the Vienna Forest. Visitors flock to the Neuwaldegger Bad not only to enjoy a day in the water, but also because of the lovely home style meals served at the pool restaurant. Neuwaldegger Bad is a family run business and the owner’s welcome visitors with warm Austrian hospitality. Although the price of admission may seem high, this is absolutely worth the experience and the legendary chive bread. The Neuwaldegger Bad is open to visitors every day and is the perfect place to spend summer days with friends and family.

Danube Park – Experience a Park on an Island in the Danube 

The Danube Park extends over 604 000 square meters of land. This park has a unique location on an island between the new and old Danube rivers. The park was established in 1964 as part of the Vienna International Garden Festival. The purpose of the park was to reinvent the area that was previously the site of a number of Nazi executions. The Danube Park is truly a magical place for all who visit. The park has its own children’s playgrounds, outdoor fitness parks, game tables, skating facilities, trampolines and even a tobogganing hill. For sport lovers, the park   is home to basketball, tennis, and soccer facilities. Attractions inside the Danube Park include the Danube Tower, the Papstwiese, the Donauparkbahn, Coffeehouse Mountain and the Korea House of Culture. This park is a central part of Vienna and a must see for all who visit.

What to Eat in Vienna

Traditional Austrian Dishes Influenced by History  

The local cuisine of Vienna has been strongly influenced by the region’s imperial periods and times of occupation. Most Viennese dishes are made predominately of meat but there are also many wonderful tastes and flavors for vegetarian travelers. No visit to Vienna is complete without a few of the world-famous Viennese pastries and treats. Explore the cuisine of Vietnam and leave your stomach smiling.

Weiner Schnitzel – The National Dish of Austria

Weiner Schnitzel is the most well-known dish to come out of Austria. This dish is made of a thin slice of veal that is breaded and fried in a pan. The schnitzel is then served with lemon wedges and lingonberry jam and accompanied with potatoes. Weiner Schnitzel is one of the few dishes protected under Austrian law. If a schnitzel is called Weiner Schnitzel, is must be made only with veal. This crispy schnitzel has become famous beyond the borders and it is clear to see why. Treat yourself to the truly authentic experience of a Weiner Schnitzel paired with a local Austrian wine.

Topfenstrudel – A Sweet Treat Like No Other 

When visiting Austria, it is clear that strudels are the most popular kinds of desserts. The Topfenstrudel is a firm favourite among the local people of Vienna. Topfenstrudel is made with sweetened quark cheese. The cheese is then folded into a puff pastry pocket and baked until the crust of crispy and golden. In some areas of Vienna, the cheese is mixed with peaches, apricots and raisins to add flavour. The Topfenstrudel has been a firm favourite in Vienna since the Ottoman Empire. Enjoy a warm Topfenstrudel topped with vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert.

Apfelstrudel – The Most Popular Dessert in Austria

The Apfelstrudel dessert has become somewhat symbolic of Vienna and Austrian culture. This delicious dessert is made by folding thin layers of dough and filling each layer with a sweet apple filling. It is believed that Apfelstrudel was first made in Austria in 1696. It was then that the dessert was created in Vienna to be served to the Emperor of Austria. Today, different recipes for Apfelstrudel can be found across Austria. Some of these recipes even include almonds, rum, cinnamon and raisins for flavor. Apfelstrudel is best enjoyed warm with a delicious dollop of sweet vanilla ice cream. Absolute Austrian perfection!

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Region Highlights

Surface: 700
Wineries: 138
Soil: Calcareous
Climate: Dry continental

Selected wineries in Vienna

Fuhrgassl Huber
The terroirs of Austria reflected in a bottle of Natascha Quester wine
Habsburg Winery
Wines from the imperial court of the Habsburgs
Weingut Christ
Christ Winery Owns an Organically Cultivated Vineyard & Winery, Petershof

Wine tastings & tours in Vienna

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Premium Wine Tasting at Natascha Quester Winery
Standard wine tasting and tour at Fuhrgassl-Huber
Standard Wine tastingat Natascha Quester Winery
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Wine tasting and tour at Weingut Christ
Discover the Centuries-Old Heuriger & Enjoy Wine Tasting Events

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Fuhrgassl Huber