The Chateau de Bioul- Winery with Picturesque View within Centuries Old Park

The Chateau de Bioul winery and estate is situated in the region of Namur in the Côte Sambre et Meuse DOC of Belguim. The winery is picture book perfect as it is situated around the village and the family castle of Bioul within a centuries old park. Since the 11th century, the Chateau de Bioul has stood strong through various wars and passed ownership from many hands.

History of the Winery Estate

The estate was left dilapidated under the occupation of the Jauche family who had to mortgage the home when facing bankruptcy. Following this, the estate was burned to the ground by French troops in 1554, after which the Brandenbourg family turned the historical castle into a prestigious residential mansion. A few centuries later in 1860, Francois Vaxelaire came to the estate from Lorraine to found a local department store and rented the Chateau de Bioul before buying it in 1906 and carrying out major renovations on the building structure.

Vineyard and the Grape Varieties

The winery is currently owned and run by the Wyckmans family who developed a passion for Belgian wine which led to their decision to take over an existing vineyard. Today, their vines have revived the ancient rolling hillsides. The Chateau de Bioul winery has approximately 11 hectares of vines on which the grape varietals of Johaniter, Solaris, Cabaret Noir, Cabernet Blanc, Muscaris and Pinotin are grown. These grapes are used to make world class red, white, rose and sparkling wines.

The philosophy of the Chateau de Bioul wine makers is to make wine based on respect for nature and tradition using only the best grapes, the best conditions and the best local environment.

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Côte Sambre Et Meuse
Wine Types:
Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Johaniter,Solaris,Cabaret Noir, Cabernet Blanc,Muscaris,Pinotin

1 Place Vaxelaire -Chateau De Bioul, Bioul, Namur, 5537, Belgium See it on map
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Spoken Languages: English Français

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Chateau De Bioul

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Bioul castle, Place de Vaxelaire, Bioul, Belgium

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