Punset Winery: beautiful located in Piedmont

The Punset Winery and Estate is situated in the beautiful Piedmont, in Italy. Since the start of the farm, the ethos of all those involved was to produce wines while always respecting the earth.

The vision is to produce wines that add value and quality for wine lovers of all backgrounds

Winemaking in harmony with mother nature

Balancing the quality of the wine with the price of the product is one of the fundamental features of the Punset winery. The vineyards at Punset are kept completely green with limited use of chemicals, fertilisers or machinery on the soil. This means that the ecosystem is kept at a perfect balance thanks to the contribution of natural flowers, insects and small wild animals. For over a decade solar panels have been used to provide heat through a photovoltaic system for providing energy. Inside the Punset cellar, the grapes and wines are left to speak for themselves by omitting the use of yeast and other enzymes, letting the fruit work all of the magic. The wine is left to age in Savonian oak barrels and then transferred to rest in bottles.

Strict organic farming methods

The Punset winery today produces a wide range of wines that are well respected across the globe. These wines include the Barbaresco DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG Reserva, Barbaresco DOCG Campo Quadro, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Barbera d’Alba DOC Vigneto Zocco, Neh! Langhe DOC Rosso, Dolcetto d’Alba Campo, Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Piemonte DOC Bianco, Langhe DOC Arneis, Grappa Stravecchia and the Quintessenza. These wines are all organic produced, meaning that they come from vines that are cultivated according to strict organic farming methods.

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Barbaresco | Langhe | Barbera D'alba | Dolcetto D'alba
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Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo

Via Zocco 2, Neive, 12042, Italy See it on map
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Spoken Languages: English Italiano

Our Wine Experiences

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Wine tasting and tour at Punset

15 €
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Via Zocco 2, Neive, 12042, Italy

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