Valle de la Puerta, a Winery Providing Natural Views and Stunning Scenery

Valle de la Puerta Winery was established in 1994 and is present in the Fatamina Valley, around 754 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. The winery sits between the Velasco and Fatamina Mountains and provides natural views with stunning backdrops. The vineyards are spread over 150 hectares, and they are capable of producing 2.2 million liters of wine annually. Extreme weather conditions make things difficult, but hot days and scant rainfall during harvest season help the vineyards grow entirely concentrated grapes to make their wines. Apart from the wines, they produce extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity aromas and fresh, spicy taste.

The puma in the logo of Valle de la Puerta WInery’s wines represents the strength, wisdom, and intelligence of the creature.


The Vineyards and the Grapes Varieties

Even with extreme weather conditions, many grape varieties grow in their vineyards, including Malbec, Cabernet, Syrah, Bonarda, Torrontes, and Chardonnay. The best grapes go into producing their exquisite red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines. Vines are watered individually using drip irrigation, and it helps to preserve water.


A Visit through the Winery Production

Valle de la Puerta Winery was built in 2002 and had all the modern winemaking equipment and technology. Stainless steel tanks, barrels, adequate temperature, presses, pure yeast, and the use of inert gas are all available in this modern winery set-up. The advanced technology allows the team to control the quality of the wine. Recently, the winery started working with the HACCP standards, and even the Best Manufacturing Practices are being used to guarantee the wines’ quality. Their wines have a unique taste that shows the merits of the terroir.

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La Puerta, Ichanka, Tenorio
Wine Types:
Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Malbec, Cabernet, Syrah, Bonarda, Torrontes, Chardonnay

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Visiting Hours:

8:00 - 18:00

Spoken Languages: English Español

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Valle De La Puerta

Wine tasting and tour at Valle De La Puerta

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