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The Winery Georgino is a traditional Georgian wine making winery in Mtskheta, Georgia. The winery was established in 2018 by Giorgi Meshveliani and by 2019 had already won an award for its role as a newcomer on the Georgian and international wine scenes. Giorgi Meshveliani was just a student when he had the dream of creating his own local Georgian wine. After receiving some funding from the Danish government, he began to explore this dream of wine making.

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Starting in his own back yard he bought the basic equipment including French wine barrels, stainless steel tanks and 18 clay wine making dishes and along with this built a traditional Georgian marni building. Initially Giorgi used 4 tons of grapes from a local family vineyard in the local village and additional grapes from other surrounding areas and managed to produce 500 bottles of wine. He decided to stop with this and produce more only based on demand. Today the Giorgi’s Georgino brand of wine is sold in wine stores, wine bars and restaurants across Georgia.

The vision of Winery Georgino has from the start been to transform perceptions of Georgian wine in the international wine world and to develop Georgia as an established wine tourism destination

As part of this Giorgi has paired with several local tour companies to develop wine tourism packages to Georgia that include visits to local tourist attractions and the sampling of local cuisine.

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The products produced at Winery Georgino include Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Tsolikouri and Ojaleshi. Currently the Winery Georgino is in the process of building an additional vineyard in kakheti and expanding the existing maran so that the volume of wine produced can be increased.

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Tsolikouri, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Aladasturi

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Winery Georgino

Wine tasting and tour at Winery Georgino

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Kaloubani Street #4a, Mtskheta, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, 3300, Georgia

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