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The Saint-Estèphe appellation is located on the left bank of Bordeaux, it is attached to the Medoc appellation. This appellation as a sub-region sits on the north of Pauillac and a few kilometers north of the Bordeaux city, in the France South-West. The climate of this sub-region as well as whole regions of the Médoc, like all Bordeaux regions, is oceanic. The winters are mild with warm summers but the breeze of the ocean keeps temperatures in check.

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Perfect Soil that Produces Dark Red Wines

More than anywhere else in the Medoc area, the Saint-Estephe wine quality is the result of generous soil added with qualified men skills. Its sub-soil has a large variety of elements that provide the wine a real personality with numerous shades. Mostly composed of limestone and clay, Saint-Estephe soil produces dark red wine with strong tannins.

It then became rounder and softer, with delicate aromatic notes as time goes by, since it has excellent ageing potential. The blending is mostly made from Cabernet-Sauvignon and this for the majority of the estates – even if some Châteaux choose to add merlot to provide more fruit notes. Cabernet Franc and Petit-Verdot are also used but in smaller quantities to complete the blending.


A part of the important features of Saint-estèphe appellation are as follows:

  • Soil: Light upper soils on a layer of clay and limestone.
  • Wine color of Saint-Estèphe is red.
  • Aromas: Refined and elegant, with notes of blackcurrant, mocha, violet, vanilla, spices, and licorice.
  • Taste: Rich, fruity, and well-structured, notes of currant and spice.
  • Aging potential: 5 – 50 years.
  • Serving temperature: 15 to 17° C

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Region Highlights

Surface: About 12.30 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Saint-estèphe
Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
Types of Wines: Red Wine

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