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2.1            WineTourism.com takes a transaction-based fee of 10% of the transaction value, or €2 per person, whatever is the larger of the two calculated fees. The winery will receive a net payment from WineTourism.com equal to the listed experience price minus the transaction fee.

Example 1:

1 person books 1 experience with price €10

Fee = €2 (€2 per person)


Example 2:

2 persons book 1 experience with price €10

Fee = €4 (€2 per person)


Example 3:

1 person books 1 experience with price €30 

Fee = €3 (€30 x 10%)


Example 4:

2 persons book 1 experience with price €30 

Fee = €6 (€60 x 10%)


2.2            WineTourism.com uses a Stripe-powered payment solution to guarantee a secure and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted payment transaction for the guest.

2.3            Payment will be made to the winery on the time and date of the booked experience. Payment will be made via a bank transfer and the winery will receive an email receipt of the transaction from Stripe.


3.1            The guest reserves the right to cancel the booking up to 48 hours ahead of the starting time of the booked experience. In this case, the guest will be reimbursed the full cost of their experience to the credit card used to make the original booking. Similarly, a guest can modify the content of the booking (change experience, date, number of people, etc.) up to 48 hours ahead of the starting time of the booked experience. The modified booking will in practice be treated like a new booking, meaning it will be subject to availability. If the modified booking is not available at the winery, the guest will be notified, and can choose to keep the original booking, or to cancel the booking entirely, in which case the total cost of the experience will be reimbursed. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the starting time of the booked experience, the guest is not entitled to a reimbursement of the costs for the booking.

3.2            In exceptional cases, a winery may need to cancel a booking made by the guest due to weather, sickness, shortage of staff or other reasons. In these cases, the WineTourism.com team will do its utmost to find an experience with a similar character in the same geographical area. In this case, the guest will pay or receive as reimbursement the difference in price between the original and the replacement experience. Should the guest choose not to accept this new experience, the guest will be reimbursed fully for the price of the original booking.