If you are a genuine wine lover then you will surely appreciate the beautiful and wonderful wine district of the Loire! In collaboration with Wintourism.com, we list below ten unique vineyards which all have a rich history of sweet, tasty and wonderful wines.

Wine Route Loire

With just over 1000 km of coastline, the Loire is France’s tallest river. It is also the river that can boast the most number of vineyards (appellations) along its enchanting and beautiful beaches. Here you can find a great variety of different tastes of wine that you can enjoy. You can choose between wines with high fruit acid, dry, crispy, sweet, sparkling, to name a few.

You should neither forget to mention rosé and red wines, which are produced in soft but also in strict styles. Most are manufactured by cabernet franc. When it comes to white wine, the wines from the Loire are mainly known for the lovely Chenin blanc and sauvignon blanc, which are grown near the Atlantic coast.

Experience some beautiful and quiet vineyards at wine route Loire

Domaine du Vieux Pressoir – The family-owned pearl

This quiet and beautiful vineyard has a rich and long history. In 1892, the Albert family decided to start producing their own wine and in the beginning, they only focused on producing white wine. Several decades later, the decision was made to start producing red wine.

The vineyard is located right on the border of Anjou-Saumur, a region which among wine lovers is often hailed for their rosé wines. The production is on a high level and you can experience the wonderful vineyards on a total of 26 hectares!

The fact that the soil itself is naturally fertile and that the region has many hours of sunshine per day, as well as the owners’ ability to produce a perfect grape variety, means that you can never choose wrong with wine from Domaine du Vieux Pressoir

You have the opportunity to visit the actual vineyard where you will learn more about the production process and its various steps. The owners are more than happy to welcome you as a guest, but only during weekdays. You must also book a visit before you have the opportunity to visit the vineyard.

  • Appellation:  Saumur, Saumur Puy Notre Dame , Coteaux De Saumur
  • Activities: wine tasting at på Domaine du Vieux Pressoir
  • Price: €5

Domaine Michel Blouin – More than 150 years of History!

About 150 years ago, Domain Michel Blouin was quite small compared to other vineyards and consisted of only four acres. Today, they have over 23 hectares from which they produce more than 60,000 bottles filled with the best wine you can find in the market.

During the winemaking process, a number of specific methods are used, depending on the type of wine being produced. They handpick and sort the raw materials used in the production of red, sweet and sparkling wine types. When it comes to white wine, they only use machines to harvest the white grapes.

You have the opportunity to spend the night at the vineyard, as well as try winemaking. Guided tours are offered where you have the opportunity to stroll among the vineyards and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine for a fairly low budget.

  • Appellation:  AOC Anjou, Anjou-Villages, AOC Cabernet d’Anjou, AOC Rosé de Loire, AOC Coteaux du Layon, AOCCrémant de Loire
  • Activities: Round trip and wine tasting at Domaine Michel Blouin
  • Price: €2

Château De Chaintres – A historic castle with a strong family spirit

The Château De Chaintres vineyard is made up of a total of 20 hectares of land on which one cultivates the finest raw material, which forms the basis of their wonderful wines. It is located right in the heart of Saumur Champigny and also includes the immensely popular “Clos du Château”. The vineyard was started in 1675 by the fathers of Notre Dame des Ardilliers.

They chose the specific site because of the fertility of the land and also the fact that the long sun hours made it possible for the harvest to grow successfully. Before the French Revolution, the vineyard was owned by the “Fréres Oratoriens” which today operates under the name “Clos des Oratoriens”. In 1938 the family bought the Tigny vineyard and is its rightful owner even today.

Château De Chaintres has a program that organizes various forms of exhibitions, guided tours, and wine tasting sessions. If you are a wine lover then a visit to Château De Chaintres is a must!

  • Appellation:  AOC Saumur Champigny, AOC Saumur Rosé, AOC Coteaux-de-Saumur, AOC Cremant de Loire
  • Activities: Round trip and wine tasting at Château De Chaintres
  • Price: €0

Domaine de la Gauterie – Explore Domaine Marc Bredif’s majestic cellars

The history of Domaine de la Gauterie begins in 1990. Etienne Jadeau picked a strategic and well-planned area for her crops to grow because of the Loire River, which today is only a few kilometers away.

If you want to visit Domaine de la Gauterie, you can do it anytime. Your visit will definitely give you a perspective on how the lovely and wonderful wines are produced while you have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

  • Appellation:  AOC Saumur Champigny, AOC Saumur Blanc, AOC Saumur Rosé, AOC Crémant de Loire
  • Activities: Visit and wine tasting at Domaine de la Gauterie
  • Price: €0

Domaine de Rocheville – Exquisite wines and stunning views of the Loire Valley

Philippe Porché started up the vineyard about two decades ago. Porché is a well-known wine enthusiast who, with great help from his dedicated wife Agnès and the young aspirant Jérôme Callet, started producing wine in a more sustainable and environmentally focused manner.

Its various wines produced in the vineyard have won several prestigious competitions over the years. Some of these include the Concours General de Paris and the Decanter WWA to name a few. In addition, their wines are highlighted for their outstanding qualities in numerous famous guidebooks.

  • Appellation:  AOC Saumur Champigny, AOC Saumur Blanc, AOC Saumur Rosé, AOC Crémant de Loire
  • Activities: Visit and wine tasting Domaine de Rocheville
  • Price: €39

Domaine des Champs Fleuris – The place that reveals the history of the Loire Valley

With his skill and an eye for the details, Denis Rétivea grows his raw materials with a great passion. Later, when it is time to harvest, he does it with love and care, which later ends up in excessively popular and tasty wines.

Domaine des Champs Fleuris is located in the Saumur Champigny region of the small village of Turquant. Denis Rétivea. However, is not only a gifted wine producer but also a very experienced skipper who knows every little piece of the great river Loire.

  • Appellation:  AOC Saumur Champigny, AOC Saumur, AOC Crémant de Loire
  • Activities: Private boat trip on the river on the Loire
  • Price: €6

Domaine Haute Perche – A region with both tradition and modernism

If you are a genuine wine lover and happen to be in the region then you should not miss the Haute Perche and a Wine Tour Loire. The vineyard is responsible for the production of two well-known appellations, namely: Anjou Villages Brissac and Coteaux de l’Aubance Anjou Villages Brissac.

You may visit the vineyard every day where you have the opportunity to try their great wine at no extra cost! However, you need to book in advance if you wish to have a guided tour. A visit to the vineyard is an excellent opportunity to discover how the Haute Perche vineyard has succeeded in producing their amazing wine.

  • Appellation:  AOC Anjou-Villages Brissac, AOC Coteaux de l’Aubance
  • Activities: Wine Taste at Domaine Haute Perche
  • Price: €0

Domaine Sauvète – Explore Domaine Marc Bredif’s majestic cellars

The vineyards can be seen in Monthou Sur Cher, located in the heart of the Val de Loire. The vineyard covers an area of ​​about 17 hectares on which you’ll experience Sauvignon, Chenin and Chardonnay grapes. These white grapes make up about 8.5 of the crops at Monthou Sur Cher.

On the second part of the vineyards, you’ll be able to experience Gamay, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Pineau grapes which are hand-picked specifically for red and rosé wine. The sharp taste comes from the grape’s own natural consistency. It is worth mentioning that the fermentation process takes place at a regulated temperature.

If you want to know more about Monthou Sur Cher winery then you can book a guided tour at a bargain price. You can look forward to an eventful day where you will be accompanied around the vineyards and learn how your favorite wine is produced.

  • Appellation:  Touraine Contrôlée, Touraine Chenonceaux Contrôlée
  • Activities: Visit and wine tasting at Domaine Sauvète
  • Price: €9

Alpha Loire – Discover innovative wine production

Alpha Loire is located in the central regions of the Loire Valley. If you wish to visit Alfa Loire and get an Wine tour Loire you’ll need to book a guided tour where you will learn more about how they produce their wine. They accept guests from Monday to Saturday.

The winery gives you an excellent opportunity to understand why the particular wine you love to drink tends to taste so well. You will also have the opportunity to try freshly produced wine, stored in their beautiful wine cellar.

  • Appellation:  Touraine, Cheverny, Crémant de Loire
  • Activities: Round walking, winemaking and wine tasting at Alpha Loire
  • Price: €15

Domaine Du Mortier – Experience the Domaine De Mortier Estate with an exclusive wine tasting

Domaine due Mortier is a 13-hectare vineyard where 3 of these acres are located in AOC Saint Nicolas north of Bourgueil. The business started 10 years ago by the two brothers Fabien and Cyril.

Do you want to experience the best wine in your life? If the answer is “Yes” than you should plan your visit to Domaine du Mortier and get a Wine tour Loire right now! You will have the opportunity to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful landscape while enjoying a glass of your favorite wine.

  • Appellation:  AOC Saint Nicolas De Bourgueil
  • Activities: Round trip and wine tasting at Domaine du Mortier
  • Price: €10