Travel Guide to Posavska Wine Region

The smallest wine region of Slovenia might be a joyful discovery for wine lovers. The Posavska wine region, also known as Posavje, locates in the southeast of Slovenia, sided by Croatia, corresponding to the historical region of Lower Carniola. Even though it isn’t something new, the Posavska wine region is a less beaten wine track that might enchant its tourists. The vast area of near five thousand hectares has a low vineyard density and an ascendent production level. Here, excellent sparkling wines, rosés, and outstanding sweet wines are gaining an audience. Unusual red grapes are predominant here, such as Žametovka, Modra Frankinja, and Sentlovrenka. Continental weather influenced by the Alpes and sandstone calcareous soil creates particular terroir.

Find out about Wine Tasting & Tours in Posavska to enjoy if you visit the region.

Picturesque hills with vineyards and small houses in Bela Krajina in Posavska Wine Region, Slovenia.

The Distinct Wine Blends of Posavska

Traditional and Local Gapes are Under Vine around the Save River

The Posavska wine region, or Posavje, was named after the Danube tributary Savje (Save). Here are produced around 10 million liters of wine annually, from grape varieties such as Žametovka, Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch), Sentlovrenka (St. Laurent), Renski Riesling and Traminec (Gewurztraminer).

Unique Terroir of Posavska

Medium hills nestle several small valleys and steep slopes, with vineyards being a fundamental element preventing soil erosion in the area. Most of the soil is composed of sandstones and calcareous binders. Limestones and dolomites compound the soil where the are varieties under vine for Cviček wines.

The Posavska terroir is also affected by the Continental weather. Influenced by the Alpes, the region has cold winter and mild summers. Around 1100 mm of rainfall nourishes the vines annually.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Žametovka, Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch), Sentlovrenka (St. Laurent), and Modri Pinot (Pinot noir)

White: Renski Riesling, Traminec (Gewurztraminer), Chardonnay, Rumeni Plavec

Have you heard of the outstanding Cviček wine?

An outstanding representant of the Posavska wines is the red Cviček, a special blend of red and white grapes with low alcohol content. The history behind this particular wine comes back to 200 years ago, dominating the subregion o Dolenjska.

Explore the Different Districts of Posavska Wine Region 

The Posavska wine region breaks down into three districts: Dolenjska (2 456 hectares), Bizeljsko Sremič (1 264 hectares), and Bela Krajina (608 hectares).

Dolenjska, the largest district in Posavska, has impressive 7 500 winemakers producing exceptional wines around cozy vineyard cottages. This place is home to the special Cviček wines, made of both red and white grapes.

In Bizeljsko Sremič, most of the vineyards extend between 200 and 400 m of altitude. Unique wine cellars dug into sand might make a wine tour here even more exciting.

The diurnal temperature range is Bela Krajina allows the production of fresh aromatic wines. Besides this, light-bodied wines from Belokranjec (white) and Metliška Črnina (red) are an emblem here.

Istenič lush and amazing vineyard near winery in lovely slovenia
Vineyards of The Istenič winery, our partner winery from Posavska Wine Region

Posavska Produces Wine Styles for Everybody

The Posavska wine region might be a hidden corner of Slovenia. Here, incredible combinations of local and foreign grape varieties result in unusual blends and remarkable sparkling wines.

The classic of this region, Cviček, is a wine made from white and red grapes in a combination of at least four different varieties. In recent production, this wine is gaining a sweeter profile in addition to its balanced acidity and low alcohol content. Traditionally light red colored, with notes of fruits, and fresh taste.

Remarkable Sparkling Wines of Posavska

Something that catches the attention of wine lovers is the sparkling wine of Posavska. These wines have an acidic character of unripened berries, something that reminds the Champagne sparkling. Usually made with Žametovka, Kraljevina, or Rumeni Plavec grapes, varieties of Central and Southeast Europe.

Among the fantastic sparkling wines, the Posavska wine region is developing excellent blends. In the Bizeljsko Sremič region, the startle white Sremican combines European grapes to a dry aromatic wine.

Another popular and outstanding wine is the Metliška črnina from Dolenjska district, made from Blue Franconian and Žametna črnina grapes, a combination of rich flavors and delicate aromas.

Wineries to Visit in Posavska Wine Region

The Istenič winery

The Istenič winery was one of the first wineries producing sparkling wine with the traditional method since 1968.

Here, you can taste some of their sparkling wines paired with cheese and cold charcuterie at Istenič winery and listen to the winemaker afterwards about the winemaking methods

Have a look at the list of Wineries in Posavska, choose your favourite and let us know.

Where to Go in the Posavska Wine Region

Otočec Castle – Find Comfort and Warmth is This Island Castle

In the middle of the Krka River, the small island of Otočec lays the magnific Otočec Castle Hotel. Amid an unspoiled scenery, this captivating castle is said to date from 1252, home to nobles in the 13th century. The Gothic and Renaissance appearance of Otočec transport tourists to a simpler time centuries ago, as the restoration aimed to preserve and reconstruct essential parts of the castle. Outside of it, the gardens are a great spot for lovely picnics. Consider taking bike rides on the nearby trails, the grounds are beautiful.

Otočec Castle, Posavska wine region, Slovenia
Pleterje Charterhouse – Moments of Peace and Contemplation

When exploring the Posavska wine region, the Carthusian monastery of Pleterje Charterhouse is something to see. Located beneath the Gorjanci mountains, this impressive architecture was founded in 1403 by Count Herman II of Celje. Experience moments of silence and contemplation in the gothic church of St. Trinity. The monks show presentations of the history and architecture of the Pleterje Charterhouse, where groups of people can tour the space. Don’t miss this incredible place!

Podsreda Castle – Romanesque Architecture in Slovenia

The charming Romanesque architecture of Slovenia fits perfectly among the vineyard valleys and the gigantic hills. A beautiful example of this is the Podsreda Castle, built in the 12th century. In this incredible building, rich cultural and educational activities keep alive the medieval vibes from ago. In the castle are photographic exhibitions depicting the region’s lifestyle. This family-friendly environment offers a glittering view of the greenish landscape, something to see!

The Preserved Natural Heritage of Slovenia

Greenish landscapes keep unique fauna and flora in eastern Slovenia. The rich local biodiversity bowls over with fantastic attractions to everyone. 

Kočevski Rog – Historic Places in the Kočevje Highlands

When visiting the Posavska wine region, a must-see nature spot in the Kočevje Highlands is the Kočevski Rog. This unbelievable karstified plateau once was a strategic part of the Roman Empire. Deep into the woods, a greenish landscape of moss-covered stones is home to brown bears, wolves, and lynx. A scenario of diverse historical events that marked Slovenia, Kočevski Rog is mostly uninhabited nowadays. For those looking to immerse themselves in the forests of Slovenia, this place is something to don’t forget!

Town Kočevje, Kočevje Highlands, Posavska Wine Region, Slovenia
Kozjansko Regional Park – Land of biodiversity and preservation

Eastern Slovenia hides alluring natural spots. One of those is the Kozjansko Regional Park, the largest and oldest protected area of the country. A biodiversity universe spreads around the River Sotla, mid the pre-Alpine Posavje Mountain Range, hills, and valleys. Since 2010 the park is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, intending to preserve the unique fauna and flora. The thing that you will only see here is the Kozjansko Apple, belonging to the traditional regional farming, the fruit represents a symbol of sustainability and heritage of the park.

Krka River – Enjoyable Day Out

Are you looking for adventure? The Krka River might provide you! The near 95-km-long river in southeastern Slovenia integrates stunning green vegetation, where it is possible to enjoy activities such as kayaking or paddling. A series of weirs can make you slide and jump throughout the river on an exciting ride. In the surroundings of the Krka River, different riverside bars and restaurants offer an enjoyable day out. Limestones fill the margins of this river, creating typical barriers and thresholds. In past times flour mills and sawmills used the stream of water to operate here, today the main activity is tourism.

The wine tourism around Bizeljko-sremiška is worth exploring. Especially in Brežice city, wine lovers have the chance to try and purchase diverse Posavska wines in the regional wine cellars. A fantastic opportunity here is to find out what flavor most excites you and head straight to meet the winemakers! Another thrilling activity is visiting a repnice, a quartz sand cave where some wines are stored nowadays.

Tastes and Aromas of the Slovenian Cuisine

Regional flavors gave the traditional cuisine of Slovenia its authenticity. Explore the Posavska wine region and taste the best of the country’s gastronomy.

Belokranjska Pogača – The Cumin Flatbread

Brought to the White Carniola region by the Uskoks in the 15th century, this tasty flatbread is a typical recipe made with only four ingredients. This dish was awarded the status of a European P.D.O. and is part of the culture of Slovenians. This flatbread or flat cake is made by a flour dough, glazed with egg wash, sprinkled with cumin and coarse salt then baked until golden brown. Best enjoyed freshly baked, the cumin perfume of the warm bread fills the room. 

Matevž – Puréed Beans with Cracklings

Hearty dish of Slovenia

Matevž is a puréed beans with cracklings dish, typical in Slovenia. This tasty meal is made with creamy potato and beans and usually pairs pork cracklings, sausages, roasted meat, sauerkraut, or turnip. Its origins date from the 19th century, once seen as a frugal or economical dish. Nowadays, the meal took place as a common dish all over the country.

Kočevski Gozdni Med – The Sweetness of the Kočevje Forest

Another unique flavor from the Posavska region to try is the natural forest gift honey, the Kočevski Gozdni Med. This top-quality honey is original from the town and province of Kočevje, developed from a range of bees from the Kočevje forest. The beekeepers do a meticulous job of transporting the beehives into different environments, aiming to exploit exclusive honey types. This practice enables the development of four honey varieties, namely the silver fir, linden, spruce, and forest honey.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 4328
Soil: Predominantly sandstone and marls, slightly calcareous. Some areas of dolomite
Climate: Mainly Continental weather, influenced by the Alpes in cold areas. Around 1100 mm/year of rainfall

Selected wineries in Posavska

Albiana Estate – Vinska Klet Žaren
A Family Winery that Shines Through
Bizeljsko winery producing sparkling wines and balsamic vinegar since 1968

Wine tastings & tours in Posavska

Premium Wine Tasting and Tour at Albiana Estate – Vinska klet Žaren
Taste Wine Matured to Perfection
Premium Wine Tasting at Albiana Estate – Vinska klet Žaren
Taste Wine Matured to Perfection
Wine tasting and tour at Istenič
Visit their cellar to know about winemaking and taste their exquisite sparkling wines at Istenič Wine Tasting & Tour

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Map of Wineries in Posavska wine region

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List of Wineries in Posavska wine region

Albiana Estate – Vinska Klet Žaren