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This region with an exotic name takes its name from Lake Wairarapa and produces wines in small quantity but with exceptional quality. The magnificent Pinot Noir from Wairarapa may well compete with the famous Burgundy wines so much that some New Zealand producers have opened their own branded stores in the heart of Burgundy to compete with famous competitors. There are endless possibilities for wine tasting and tours in Wairarapa with its incredible number of cellar doors complemented by specious boutiques, gourmet food, and the most majestic landscapes. We are here to help you to choose!

At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery. Choose your favorite wine tasting or tour in Wairarapa, let us know and we will guarantee you memorable experiences.


Vineyard tour at Palliser Estate Wines, one of our partner wineries in Wairarapa.

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Share a pleasant wine tasting experience at Matahiwi Estate

28.6 €
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286 Paierau Road, Rd 1, Masterton, Wairarapa, 5881, New Zealand

Enjoy one of the most premier and unique wines of New Zeland at Palliser's.

31.4 €
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96 Kitchener Street, Martinborough, Wairarapa, 5741, New Zealand

Know about their organic practices before tasting their best wines at Urlar Wine Tasting & Tour

12 €
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140 Dakins Road, Masterton, Wairarapa, 5887, New Zealand

Map of Wairarapa Wine Region

Discover the locations of wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa

How to Get to Wairarapa

Tips on how to reach wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa by different means of transportation.

To make it to the great vineyards from New Zealand, the Wellington International Airport receives several flights that can make your journey to Wairaraka easy. You can find flights from AucklandNelson and Hamilton to Wellington with several different options in time departure. Also, different international flights reach the airport on regular basis, bringing tourists from around the world.

Explore the best wine tasting and tours in Wairarapa.

Wairarapa is just over an hour’s drive from Wellington, the capital city. Getting here is simple enough for a day trip, but tourists can discover that there is much more to see and do than can be achieved in a single day. The wineries in Wairarapa are easily accessible between MartinboroughGladstone, and Masterton, and some are also within walking distance of one another.

If you don’t have a ride, you can visit wineries in Wairarapa taking the train from Wellington. It is one of the most attractive choices (you can easily visit Martinborough on a one day-trip from Wellington although we recommend you to stay here longer to explore its surroundings). In Wellington, board the Wairarapa train bound for Featherston. A bus awaits the arrival of the train which will drive you to Martinborough.

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa.

The tasting process is an impressive and beautiful action that adheres to both wine-drinking practices and guidelines. A significant benefit is that wine tours allow you to not only taste new wines but also buy your favorites right away in the cellar, giving you faith in their authenticity. During wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa, you can get to know the winemaking style of the region and try their best wines. The tour will include also pairing the wines with delectable local cuisine and snacks made from homegrown produce. The staff is polite and will make sure you have a nice time at their establishment. The natural elegance of the scenery will make the experience even more exciting.

  • Wairarapa’s Pino Noir is vibrantly flavored and humid, with a savory undertone and perfumed varietal character. The refined aroma of the wine is characterized by attractive shades of cherry and raspberry, rose and violet, harmoniously combined with nuances of cedar, spices and wild herbs. The wine is perfectly combined with grilled meat and other meat dishes. It is recommended for aged cheeses and kinds of pasta.
  • The taste of the Wairarapa’s Syrah is harmonious, with a smooth texture, nuances of ripe cherries, raspberries and chocolate, which are well set off by silky tannins and pronounced, refreshing acidity. The wine will make an ideal pair for grilled meat, pates, cheeses, meat snacks.
  • Sauvignon Blanc from Wairarapa is rich, fresh, smooth, pleasant, harmonious, juicy. In the taste chord, there are abundant citrus tones with dominant shades of pink grapefruit, mandarin and lime, decorated with notes of nectarine and pineapple. The refined minerality gives the wine good drinkability. The lively acidity is preserved in the aftertaste, providing it with length and durability. The wine is perfect as an aperitif goes well with fish, oysters and other seafood.

The best time to visit wineries in Wairarapa is between November and April, when in general, in New Zealand you can expect pleasant weather. Don’t miss Martinborough’s most important term is the third Sunday in November when the traditional Toast Martinborough festival takes place. It is a one-day festival that focuses on wine and tasty food, but there are also several handicrafts stalls and a vibrant cultural program.

  • Experience the most spectacular views in Cape Palliser with its white lighthouse;
  • Explore Wairarapa’s Victorian country village in Greytown and, of course;
  • Have a look at the main center of the Wairarapa Masterson.

Enjoy the trip to the most incredible rock formations in the country at Putangirua Pinnacles. Make sure to get some internationally recognized and award-winning olive oil from Wairarapa. If you are a lover of raw and uncut nature, Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre should be on your list.

English is the predominant language spoken in New Zealand. However, the Māori language of Indigenous  Māori people is also an official language of the country.

We put together some of  Māori words you might find useful while experiencing wine tastings and tours in Wairarapa:

“Wāina” – Wine

“Winiiti” – Winery

“Māra wāina” – Vineyard

“Harikoa!” – Cheers!

Are you interested in reading more about Wairarapa in New Zealand? Read our Travel Guide to Wairarapa Wine Region section, or visit our selection of the very Best Wineries in Wairarapa that you can visit during your stay.