Champagne Voirin-jumel, in the Grand Cru Classified Region of Cote Des Blancs

Champagne Voirin-Jumel was set up in 1968 after the marriage of Gilles Voirin and Francoise Jumel. Both of them were children of winegrowers in the Grand Cru classified region of Cote des Blancs, and they came together to set up the Voirin-Jumel domain. Francoise’s kids Patrick and Alice started running the estate in the 90s along with Patrick’s wife, Valerie. The family farm is small, spread around 12 hectares, and has been run by five generations of the family. The vineyards are in many villages, including Cramant, Avize, Chouilly, Oger, Oiry, Vertus, etc. Alice takes care of the sale and marketing of champagnes and hosts guests to the domain. Patrick is responsible for managing the work in the vineyards and the production of champagnes.

Champagnes With Elegance and Finesse

The Chardonnay grape is the most famous in the Cote des Blancs region. It represents almost 80% of their total production from the vineyards. Only the best grapes are handpicked, and each batch of grapes is separately vinified and undergoes malolactic fermentation. The champagnes are stabilized in January. After that, the vins clairs are tasted to decide the champagnes for specific releases. Each champagne is given a low dosage and allowed to age for 3 to 4 years so that it attains a low-acidity and distinct taste that highlights the qualities of their world-famous terroir. In 2013, Alice Voirin won the prestigious ‘Les Jeunes Talents du Champagne’ award in the Chardonnay category for their Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs NV in 2013. Their champagnes have elegance and finesse to them.

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Services / Facilities:
Reduced Mobility Access Unavailable Reduced Mobility Access
Not Organic Producer Organic Producer
Resaurant Unavailable Has Restaurant
Hotel Accommodation Unavailable Has Hotel
Kids Activities Unavailable Kids Activities
Pets Not Allowed Pets Allowed
Bus Parking Available Bus Parking
Wine Types:
Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

555 rue de la libération, Cramant, 51530, Marne, France See it on map
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Spoken Languages: Deutsch English Français

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Champagne Voirin-Jumel

Wine tasting and tour at Champagne Voirin-Jumel

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555 rue de la libération, Cramant, 51530, Marne, France

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