The Saint-Aubin appellation extends over an altitude vineyard that produces white wines of good quality, and whose reputation continues to grow. Its area is 1.60 square kilometers, on an area set back from those of Puligny and Chassagne. The wine landscape is very hilly and is therefore home to several climates with very variable exposures and soils. Local appellations and wines classified in Premier Cru are spread over four zones.

The Saint-Aubin appellation produces red and white wines with respectively Pinot noir and Chardonnay as the main grape varieties. The production consists of around 75% white wine, and 25% red wine. There are no Grand Cru vineyards within the Saint-Aubin AOC.

The vines rest on the marls of Aargau, sometimes covered by calcareous scree and calcareous brown soils. The Chardonnay finds on these lands very favorable conditions to give remarkable white wines. Some red wines from Pinot Noir are also produced on the Saint-Aubin vineyard. It totals an annual production of 780,000 liters of wines of both colors. The aromas of pinot noir give the red notes of cassis, cherries, blackberries and spices. As they age, they become flexible and warm.

But they do not reach the complexity of the whites, whose shades of gold vary according to the vintages. The aromas of white wines of this appellation are consist of bouquet mixes marvelously the white flowers, the flint, the green almond and the orange blossom. They may be slightly sharp in their youth and then gain age. After several years, they reach a high nobility, and evoke beeswax and honey, amber, cinnamon and almond paste.

The Saint-Aubin appellation was recognized in 1937.


A part of important features of Saint-Aubin for white wines are as follows:


  • Soil: limestone Calcareous brown soils and calcareous scree.
  • Taste: well Balanced.
  • Wine color: white.
  • Aromas: hawthorn blossoms, ripe grapes, marzipan, hazelnut, amber, lemon-grass and green apple.
  • Aging potential: 2 – 5 years.
  • Serving temperature: 11 to 13° C


A part of important features of Saint-Aubin appellation for red wines are as follows:


  • Soil: limestone Brown limestone.
  • Taste: Balanced.
  • Wine color: Red.
  • Aromas: notes of cassis, cherries, blackberries and spices.
  • Aging potential: 2 – 5 years.
  • Serving temperature: 14 to 16° C

Region Highlights

Surface: About 1.6 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Saint-Aubin
Grapes: Pinot Noi for red wines and Chardonnay for white wines
Types of Wines: White Wine, Red Wine

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