Travel Guide to the Valley of Roses

The Valley of Roses is a wine region located in Bulgaria. The winemaking region of the Valley of the Roses stretches from the foot of the Sredna Gora Mountain into the sub-Balkan region. The entire area is framed by the imposing and breath-taking peaks of the Balkan mountains that serve as a backdrop to the valley. The Valley of Roses is situated right in the center of Bulgaria. The surrounding mountains protect the region from extreme weather and make the climate perfect for the growth of vines and the production of excellent Bulgarian wines. This is one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful wine regions and the ideal wine tourism destination.

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The Magical Rose Valley and its Wines

The Rose Valley is a Bulgarian wine region located in the center of the country. The area covered by the wine making region stretches from the base of the Sredna Gora mountain range, all the way to the sub-Balkan region. The entire region is framed by the majestic Balkan Mountains that act as a backdrop to the wine making area.

The location of the Valley of Roses, in the center of the country and surrounded by mountains means that it is protected from extreme weather conditions. this provides a climate that is perfect for the growth of vines and the production of high-quality wines. The southern slopes of the Stara Planina Balkan mountain provides a particularly effective natural barrier for the cold air that comes from the north. It also allows for excellent ventilation in the valley. The terroir across the region comprises mainly of brown and cinnamon forest soils which are perfect for the cultivation of wines.

Along with wines, the Rose Valley is also known for the cultivation of roses, hence its name. these roses are mainly used for the production of wonderful local rose oil.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon Cherven Misket, Merlot

White: Riesling, Rkaziteli, Traminer, Muscat, Ottonel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

Red and White Wines from the Valley of the Roses

The Valley of Roses produces a range of excellent wines but it best known for its dry white wines.

The Red Misket grape is an ancient Bulgarian varietal that is not found in many places outside of the Rose Valley. Despite its name, the Red Misket is in fact a white grape that has a pink skin. When it is grown, the grape is late to mature and performs best at cold climates. Although the name is similar to Muscat, this grape is not part of the Muscat family but is often blended with Muscat Ottonel in wine making processes. Red Misket wines are pale and clear in colour with hints of green. When the grapes are vinified dry, they develop floral aromas with hints of tropical fruits. Within the wines there are also nuances of pink rose petals, finished with violet. The wines produced using the Red Misket grapres are medium bodied with excellent balance and good levels of acidity.

Another local grape varietal that is grown in the Rose Valley is Pamid. This is an old grape varietal that has been cultivated in the area since the Thracian times.

Wineries to Visit in The Valley of Roses

Domain Trifonoff

The Domain Trifonoff is a family-run winery estate that was established in 2008. The estate was previously known as Pesen Winery as it located in the Pesnopoy Village of the Rose Valley. The focus at this boutique winery is to produce the highest quality wines in small quantities. All of the wines produced are aged in oak barrels in an underground cellar that has been carved out of rocks to maintain the perfect temperature. Domain Trifonoff offers a wide range of wine tasting experiences for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Chateau Copsa

chateau copsa wine tasting session in the yard near winery

Chateau Copsa Winery was founded by the Minkov family in 1998 in Rose Valley, Bulgaria. The winery grows Red Misket, Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. As a result of the cooler climate in the area, the grapes ripen later, giving them more time to carry the terroir’s unique characteristics.

Chateau Copsa offers wine and gourme experiences to their visitors!

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The Top Attractions in the Valley of Roses

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak – The Tomb in the Fragrant Rose Valley

In the heart of the Rose Valley of Bulgaria lies the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak. This tomb was discovered in the 1960s. The tomb itself is a beehive of brickwork and is part of a larger Thracian necropolis that is made up of a corridor and a burial chamber that is painted with murals. This has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The murals that decorate the tomb are perhaps its greatest attraction as they depict elaborate feasts traditions and cultural rites and rituals. The paintings are also some of Bulgaria’s best-preserved artifacts from the Hellenistic period. Archaeologists predict that the tomb was built during the 4th century BCE on the top of a rocky hill. This is a wonderful place to experience the Thracian history and step back into time.

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak in Bulgaria – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Plovdiv – The Leading Tourism Destination of the Rose Valley

Plovdiv, located in the wonderful Bulgarian Rose Valley, is considered the top cultural religious, wine and shopping tourism destination in the region. The history of Plovdiv dates back over 8 millennia and it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, and the 6th oldest across the world. There are a number of wonderful things to see and enjoy in Plovdiv, particularly the Old Town and its preserved history, the Roman monuments, the churches and the Revival houses – most of which are today used as museums, hotels or restaurants. For art lovers, Plovdiv has a wonderful range of art galleries. For all who visit, Plovdiv is a paradise for travellers and is perfect for long stays and for day trips.

Buzludzha Monument – The Buzludzha Memorial House

The Buzludzha Monument was built in 1961 to mark the 70-year anniversary of the formation of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Worker’s Party. A decade after its initial inception the building of the monument was revised as a result of the extreme weather conditions at the peak on which the monument sits. The new building was designed as a memorial house with heated interior spaces for hosting events and visitors. The interior of the monument is decorated with elaborate mosaics which illustrate the history of the Bulgarian Communist Party. The monument also has a tower that is 70 meters tall and has a lift inside that takes one to an observation deck at the top of the monument to enjoy panoramic views across the Balkan Mountains. The Buzludzha Monument welcomes visitors to explore the building or take a guided tour to learn more about its history.

Visit the Shipka Monument of the Liberty

The Shipka Monument is also known as the Monument of Liberty. This large monument is located at the Shipka Summit on the Stara Planina mountain. The memorial complex at Shipka was built in memory of the fallen Bulgarian volunteers and Russian soldiers during the battles that took place in Shipka in 1877. At that time, Shipka played a crucial role in the Russo-Turkish ware and the freedom of Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire. The moment as it stands today was built in 1934. It has a tower that is 32.5 meters high that is built in the shape of a truncated pyramid. At the entrance to the tower, there is a giant bronze lion that stands 8 meters tall. Inside the memorial on the ground floor is a very big marble sarcophagus where the bones of the fallen fighters are buried.

The Natural Beauty of the Rose Valley   

The Rose Valley of Bulgaria incorporates the land between Kalorfer, Straja, Mejdinika and Tvarditza. The length of the valley is approximately 95km and it sits at 400 meters above sea level. This valley is remarkably beautiful thanks to its hills, mountains and the endless roses which give it a magical quality. This Thracian Valley is a wonderful site for outdoor and nature lovers of all ages.

The Leshnica Reserve – Hiking adventures in the Balkans

The Leshnica Reserve in the Rose Valley provides an extensive network of paths and hiking trails for hours of adventure. The main hiking trail through the reserve leads from Shar Mountain, through the village of Bozevce, to the southern slopes of Sheremetnica and through the local meadows. Before it ends, the trail takes hikers through Beech forests and to the magnificent Leshnica waterfall. There are many attractions to enjoy along the trail including the limestone complexes of the Shar mountain, the River Pena and the bearded vultures flying overhead. The best time to visit the reserve is in the summer when the water is wonderfully refreshing.

Rosefield – Stop and Smell the Roses

The endless rose fields of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria are a true site to behold. The fields of roses are planted mainly for the growth of oil-bearing roses. Most of the rose fields in the area are farmed using only sustainable and organic principles. The rose fields of the rose valley are located along the waters of Lake Zhrebchevo which is also a frequently visited place for thousands of migrating birds. Around the lake are not only rose fields but also stretches of lavender and grape fields. This is the perfect place for relaxing, camping, picnicking and swimming during the warm summer months.

Nebet Tepe – The Lookout Hill of Plovdiv

When visiting the town of Plovdiv, one of the best things to do it wander through the Old Town and visit Nebet Tepe for panoramic views over the surrounding areas and the Balkan Mountains. Nebet Tepe is where one can see the oldest remains of the earliest settlement of Plovdiv. What is left of these remains are scattered stones and broke walls that create a wonderful atmosphere to relax and enjoy the natural environment. The site at Nebet Tepe was settled in the 12th century BC and is the highest point of the surrounding hills. Be sure not to miss the secret tunnel that leads to the Maritsa River for some extra adventure.

What to Eat in the Valley of Roses

The cuisine of the Rose Valley is typically Bulgarian with strong influences of the Mediterranean cuisine of southeast Europe. The Balkan influence on the region means that the local cuisine also has hints of Western Asia. For food lovers, this region is a true melting pot of everything that makes Bulgaria the perfect foodie destination

Kazanlak Donuts – Traditional Kazanlak Sweet Treats

Kazanlak Donuts is a delicious sweet treat that is a specialty of the town of Kazanlak which is also known as the City of Roses. The donuts are made with eggs, yogurt, yeast, milk, flour, vanilla, salt, and sugar. Once the dough is prepared, it is fried in hot oil and dusted with powdered sugar to finish. In other variations of Kazanlak Donuts they are topped with syrup, honey, or jam.

Kjuftete Po Chirpanski – Bulgarian meatballs

Kjuftete Po Chirpanski is a traditional Bulgarian dish that consists of meatballs in a tomato sauce. To prepare the meatballs, the ingredients used are ground meat, cumin, eggs, onions, salt, flour, and pepper. The sauce that the meatballs are served in is made with a combination of vegetables and spices including tomatoes, onions, celery, parsley, paprika, garlic, and bell peppers. The recipe for Kjuftete Po Chirpanski changes depending on where in Bulgaria you are but no matter which you try, be sure to pair it with a local red wine for a wonderful dining experience.

Rose Jam – The Sweet Taste of the Rose Valley

One of the deliciously sweet treats that cannot be missed when visiting the Rose Valley is the locally made Rose Jam. In making the jam, Damask rose petals are used to give it a distinct taste. In preparing the jam roses are picked early in the morning and then dried. They are then mixed with sugar until the petals release their fragrance and the sugar blends with the petal juices. This mixture is boiled in water and left over night before the jam is ready to be enjoyed.

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Region Highlights

Soil: predominantly brown and cinnamon forest soils
Climate: The region is protected from the extreme temperatures by the surrounded mountains

Selected wineries in Valley of Roses

Chateau Copsa
Exquisite rose valleys, family traditions and excellent local wines.
Domain Trifonoff
Discover Bulgarian Wine Tourism as its finest while enjoying local flavours
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Chateau Copsa