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The home of Spanish wine making tradition

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Ctra Falces Miranda De Arga Km 30, Falces, Navarra, 31370, Spain

One of 19 Spanish wineries with Pago Appellation of Origin certification

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Señorío de Otazu, s/n, Otazu, Navarra, 31174, Spain

The heart and soul of authentic Spanish wines

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Carretera De Ablitas A Ribaforada Km 5, Ablitas, Navarra, 31523, Spain

A small, family business known for their century-old winemaking tradition and quality

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C/ Santa Bárbara, 29, CORELLA, 31591, NAVARRA, Spain

Wine-producing through biodynamic production under Kosher rules

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La Serna 31, Los Arcos, Navarra, 31210, Spain

Six generation of wine tradition reflected in the bottles of wines

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35 Miranda De Arga, Olite, Navarra, 31390, Spain

Winery practicing experimentation in their vineyards with 24 different techniques

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Navarra

Wine lovers can enjoy a good time in Navarra during different seasons.

Summers are extremely hot with temperatures up to 40º C, especially in August. However, summer is perfect to explore wineries in Navarra, where you will find less crowded spaces.

The best season to explore wineries in Navarra is between March and May, during spring, in which the temperature is ideal with less amount of rain.

Autumn has also turned into a tourist season in recent years with cooler days with temperatures up to 27º C.

Winters are too cold with a lot of rainfall, so people might avoid this season time, however, good reds are a good call to warm everyone.

In Navarra you will find:

– Wineries with modern winemaking equipment;
– WIneries focusing on non-native grapes producing new wine styles from the region;
– Wineries using carbonic maceration process;
– Brave and innovative winemakers;
– Mesmerizing views of Pyrenees mountains and the amazing Montana region.

Visiting wineries in Navarra will open a whole new world of winemaking techniques, philosophies with their great history and rich culture.

Every winery in Navarra is equipped with a dedicated tasting room for wine tasting but you can also choose to taste wine strolling through their beautiful vineyards looking at mesmerizing views that Navarra has to offer. You can also choose to take a guided tour to the cellar where you can learn firsthand what makes the Navarra wines so special. Use the details from our website as the basis for your next expedition, so you visit different areas in turn and taste the wines made by different wineries.

If you plan to have a longer stay, there are lots of wineries in Navarra along the wine route that offer accommodation. You can always buy your favorite Navarra wine directly from the winery which can be taken home as a souvenir.

The most common red grapes varietals grown in Navarra are Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Grenache.

Some white varietals grown here are Chardonnay, Viura, and Grenach Blanc.

The most common styles of the wine of Navarra are red, white, and rosé. The region also produces spectacular sweet wines from Moscatel.

If you visit wineries in Navarra, here are some language tips you might found useful:

  • Wine = vino
  • Winery = bodega
  • Vineyard = viñedo
  • Vine = parra
  • Grapes = uvas
  • Wine tasting = degustación de vino
  • Wine route = ruta de vino
  • Red wine = vino tinto
  • White wine = vino blanco
  • Sparkling wine = vino espumoso
  • Cheers! = Salud!

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