Valdizarbe is one of five and the northernmost sub-zones of Navarra wine region. Valdizarbe sub-zone covers around 25 municipalities just south of Pamploma basin. Vall de Valdizarbe is culturally and naturally diverse area. Here you will find breathtaking landscapes dotted with chapels and villages and this is where two Piligrime ways of Santiago converge.

The reputable sub-region of Valdizarbe has an array of wines known throughout the world for their distinction and class. As you embark on your travels through the wine region of Navarra, we encourage you to explore these exemplary wines.

Valdizarbe’s quintessential style is set apart from the rest due to its soil types, the selection of grape varieties grown, and the specific production methods of winemakers in the area. These elements produce a style of wine found nowhere else in Spain, or the world for that matter.

Climate and Soils:

Valdizabre sub-zone of Navarra is characterized by humid and lush climate. The soils, here, in this northernmost corner of Navarra, varies upon the elevation. You will mainly find grey marls and silty loam and chalk soils as well as iron-rich red deposits in some areas.

Wines of Valdizarbe:

  • In Valdizarbe, they produce red blends of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo. These wines express herbal and spicy aromas as well as notes of dark fruit.
  • The area is also famous for their Rosado wines from Tempranillo and Garnacha grape varieties. The most traditional Rosado wines from Valdizarbe and other sub-zones of Navarra are produced from 100% Garnacha grapes. However, in recent years they also blend with Tempranillo or other French varieties.
  • Cool climate of Valdizabre is also suitable for the production of crisp white wines from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. These whites display refreshing citrus and green apple aromas with floral notes.
Bodega Otazu - wood cellars

Visit Bodega Otazu – one of the oldest wineries in Valdizarbe, located only 8 km away from Pamplona.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 920
Grapes: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot dominate the area with some Chardonnay and Malvasía.
Types of Wines:

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