Tokaj-Hegylaja- Winery focusing on Natural Wines

In the Tokaj-Hegylaja region in northeastern Hungary, lays the Csite Family Estate winery. The philosophy of this winery is that wine should contain only natural components of grapes and so they try to avoid artificial materials during the winemaking process as well.

Their major goal is to have the most possible natural wines with the littlest and most gentle interventions in all their bottles, preserving their quality for many years both for others and for themselves.

Story about the Winery

In 2008, the family bought their first vineyard, Toplec in the historical wine region of Hungary, Tokaj-Hegyalja. They then slowly started to establish their winery in Erdőbénye in 2009. After the hardships of the first years, by 2012 they were able to complete the tasks according to their plans. Most of the works done in the winery are done by hand, such as pruning, binding, and shoot selection. The staff achieves plant protection exclusively by spraying out a balanced mixture of sulfur, plant conditioner solutions, and different herbal infusions such as chamomile, horsetail, nettle, and powder of oak bark. Unless it is unavoidable, copper usage is kept at a minimum in the estate. Similarly, they also do not use synthetic absorbents and herbicides. Harvesting is also done by hand and the grapes picked are directly put into boxes.

Different Labels of the Wines

The grape varieties that the Ciste Family Estate cultivates in their vineyards are Furmint and Hárslevelű. The wines produced from these grapes are classified under different labels such as Erdőbénye, Lepény, Olaszliszka and Toplec, Rány. The prime categories of white and dessert wines are then bottled for distribution.

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Erdőbénye | Lepény | Olaszliszka | Toplec | Rány
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Furmint, Hárslevelű

Kossuth U. 65., Erdőbénye, Tokaj, 3932, Hungary See it on map
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Spoken Languages: English

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Csite Family Estate

Wine tasting and tour at Csite Family Estate

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Kossuth U. 65., Erdőbénye, Tokaj, 3932, Hungary

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