Vellino winery: close to Tbilisi

The Vellino winery and cellar is located in the east of Kakheti, just 1 hour away from Tbilisi. This family run winery was established in 2015 as a result of the family’s rich history with and passion for traditional Georgian wine making. The current wine maker is only 26 years old but makes the highest quality wines using Kakhetian grape varieties and using the knowledge that was passed down to him through many generations of wine makers and lovers.

Experience ancient way of winemaking

The wine that is produced at Vellino is made using the ancient qvevri style. The qvevri is a large egg-shaped terracotta pot that is used for the fermentation and maturation of wine. To balance the weight of the qvevri when it is being used, it is buried underground which also provides a form of wine refrigeration. The harvesting of the grapes at Vellino is done using only organic processes and ensuring quality control at each stage of the wine making process.

Vellino is situated in the Manavi micro zone in a region of Kakheti that is famous for its wine making history and culture

Discover this rich in tradition and culture wine region

The winery is near to the Gombori Ridge in the Alazani River Valley alongside the impressive Caucasus Mountains. Vellino winery produces approximately 12 000 bottles of wine each year. The most popular wines produced by Vellino are the Vellino Mtsvane, the Vellino Rkatsiteli, the Vellino Saperavi and the Vellino Rose. The Saperavi has been praised for its delicate and subtle nose of berries, its elegance and its great potential for aging. It has notes of black currant and is surprisingly light compared to other Saperavis.

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Saoeravi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Tavkveri

Village Kakabeti, 39th Str. N11, Sagarejo, 3807, Georgia See it on map
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Spoken Languages: English

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Wine tasting and tour at Vellino

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Village Kakabeti, 39th Str. N11, Sagarejo, 3807, Georgia

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