Weingut Alte Grafschaf – a winery established in 1594, where winemaking took place for over 425 years

Peter Herrschaft built the Weingut Alte Grafschaft in 1594 in Kreuzwertheim, where winemaking is going on for over 425 years. It is a historical place with big cellar vaults, high technology, and excellent rooms. It is present on the Bavarian side of the River Main, directly opposite the mouth of the Tauber and overlooking the castle. Napoleon separated the county of Wertheim in 1803.
The vineyards of the winery have been present here for more than 700 years

The vineyards are located in the stip slopes, most of the work is done manually

After many centuries, the winemakers united the two best slopes of the district, namely, Kaffelstein in the Bavarian Valley and Satzenberg in the Tauber Valley. It is not possible to use any machinery on these slopes. Therefore, most of the work is done manually. The region produces the parade wines that show the qualities of both the vineyards and features of the soil, grapes and the climate.

Some of the grown grape varieties are Riesling and Spatburgunder, and Pinot Blanc

The vineyards in Kaffelstein grow the Riesling and Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) vines. The altitude of the region, along with the sandy soil and favorable microclimate, is perfect for growing high-quality grapes. The vineyards have been present here for more than 700 years. In 2013, the winery planted the old, yellow Silvaner vines here.Even in Satzenberg, built before 1.200 years no machinery is there, and all the work is done by hand.Since 1986, the vineyard grows the Pinot Blanc & Riesling. There is selective harvesting of the best-quality ripe grapes that go into the production of their red, white, rose and sparkling wines. Satzenberg was set up in the 8th century, and sixteen-kilometer stone walls are protecting the terraces.

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Satzenberg, Sonnenberg, Kaffelstein, Ebenrain
Wine Types:
Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau

Rathausgasse 5, Kreuzwertheim, Bavaria , 97892, Germany See it on map
Visiting Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 14:00
Sunday: closed

Spoken Languages: Deutsch English Français

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Weingut Alte Grafschaft

Wine tasting and tour at Weingut Alte Grafschaft

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Rathausgasse 5, Kreuzwertheim, Bavaria , 97892, Germany

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