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The Julienas sub-region is one of ten wine appellations on the Beaujolais wine area, East of France. It is approximately located in the north part of the Beaujolais wine area. It represents about six square kilometers spread over four communes of the AOC Beaujolais.

Most Varied Soils in the Region

The slopes of its vineyard rest on granitic soils, not very thick and dry. The lands below Juliénas are more clayey and deeper. The climate of this appellation area corresponds to that present in the sub-region Beaujolais. The vineyard occupies a hilly landscape and covers above the town of Juliénas, the south and south-west face of Mount Bessay.

A temperate climate with a continental tendency is the climate of this appellation. There are three types of soils:

Over the entire geographical area of the appellation and mainly in its central part, the soils that carry the vineyards are composed of granite arenas, coarse siliceous sands resulting from the alteration of the pink granite parent rock. These soils are acidic and lean.

Downhill, east of the village of Juliénas, the vine is installed on alluvial formations secondary. The soils are more clayey.

Towards Pruzilly, on the top of the slopes where the shale outcrops, finer and clayey components resulting from the latter mingle’s alteration with the siliceous sands, the soils are argillo-siliceous and not very thick.

Wine Full of Character

This terroir offers ideal conditions for the viticulture of the Gamay grape variety. The sustained color is cherry to fuchsia and the aromas of raspberry, stone fruit, and spice. These red wines are balanced, full-bodied, and of interesting taste, and robust when produced on clay soils.


A part of the important features of Julienas appellation for red wines are as follows:

  • Soil: Granitic formations, clay, and argillic-siliceous.
  • Taste: Balanced.
  • Wine color: Red wine.
  • Aromas: raspberry, stone fruit, and spice.
  • Aging potential: 2 – 10 years.
  •  Serving temperature:  15 to 17° C

Region Highlights

Surface: About 6 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Julienas
Grapes: Gamay
Types of Wines: Red Wine

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