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Wineries in Galicia challenge you to visit “Green Spain” or the country that looks more like Ireland than Iberia! Thanks to Romans vines were introduced to Galicia and with the help of monks, more than eight centuries ago, a solid culture of winemaking from local grape varieties has been presented from the wineries in Galicia. Either you are a believer or not, this region offers wine lovers their own pilgrimage through Ribeira and Rías Baixas. Galicia, “the country of two thousand rivers”, is one of the top food and wine destinations in Spain, along with the Basque Country and Cataluña.

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Pazo Pondal, one of our partner wineries from Galicia

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Winery with great history and latest technology and machines added to the old house

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Rosalia De Castro,8 Barral, Castrelo De Miño, Ourense, 32430, Spain

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Rosalía De Castro 8, Barral, Castrelo De Miño, 32430, Ourense, Spain

A tobacco dryer turned into a wine cellar in Finca La Moreira

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Finca La Moreira S/N, Arbo, Pontevedra/Galicia, 36438, Spain

A Cooperative Winery that Uses Grapes Supplied by Around 550 Winegrower Families

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Burgáns 91, Vilariño, Cambados, 36633, Pontevedra, Spain

Second-generation winery producing one of the world’s best Albarino white wines

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Learn about organic viticulture in the Pondal plot in Arbo

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Coto S/N Cabeiras, Arbo, Pontevedra, 36436, Spain

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Galicia

If you are not a world champion in windsurfing then you should avoid visiting Galicia in winter. You can visit wineries in Galicia from mid-spring till late October. During summer the humidity is still high due to the ocean influence and the sun is so bright you can sunbathe from around 8:00 pm to around 9:00 pm at night. Thousands of fiestas guarantee authentic pleasure all year around. Galicia’s picturesque scenery is breathtaking all seasons long.

Wineries in Galicia have a history that goes back to countless generations. Small only in size, family-owned, keeping the winemaking tradition they inherited by their ancestors and gradually managed to reach a top-level quality output. Organic philosophy is ingrained and the results are more than obvious whatever kind of wine you taste. Definitely, you will become a wine enthusiast after visiting wineries in Galicia enjoying the warm hospitality by the winemakers themselves!

Wineries in Galicia have a long history operating also as pilgrim’s inns. These amazing bodegas (wineries) have all the facilities for the visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay. Atmospheric cellars, wine tastings halls kept decorated like the first days, and Avant-guard production lines fully harmonized into the historic buildings. All of the wineries in Galicia show great respect to handicap people providing the means for easy access and great love and affection to companion animals. There are also areas for the younger members of a family to amuse themselves. The wine shops in the wineries give you the chance to buy winery products or order a shipment.

The Albariño, Ribeiro, and Godello grape varieties are the best known and worked from wineries in Galicia, together with Caiño Blanco, a Galician obscurity, often mistaken for Albariño which reaches a high alcohol level of about 13-14º!

Wineries in Galicia cultivate red grape varieties in smaller quantities, grown only in warmer, sunnier regions, but they can be incredibly exciting. The best known are Mencía, Caiño Tinto and Espadeiro.

Galicia’s cool, maritime climate makes it more hospitable to white wines than reds. It is because very few red wine grapes are able to achieve full ripeness here, so wineries in Galicia produce mainly white wines, both varietals, and blends. Sparkling style wines have a tiny production, it is something wineries in Galicia experiment with the autochthonous grape varieties.

If you visit wineries in Galicia, here are some language tips you might found useful:

Wine = Viño
Winery = Adega
Vineyard = Viña
Wine tasting = Cata de viños

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