Winery Jobstl: wines reflecting the Terroir

Winery Jobstl is a family run winery located in the magnificent Weststeiermark in Austria. The winery was founded and is still run by the Jobstl family. The family believes that their excellent quality wines are thanks to the way in which they treat their vines, soils and land – the same way as they treat their own children!

Minimal chemical intervention in vineyards

Winery Jobstl is an IP company which means that they engage in integrated crop protection, using very little chemical and other interventions when growing crops. This means that the wine makers carefully watch the growing vines and only intervene where there might be potential damage such as the loss of a harvest. Crop protection methods that are used at Schilcherei | Weingut Jobstl include protecting beneficial organisms such as the ladybird, planting only during optimal times and using tailor made pesticides.

The most popular wines produced at winery Jobstl are the Schilcher wines which are young wines that can be described as fresh, fruity, aromatic, lively and animated

Experience the freshness of Schilcher wines

The Schilcher wines include the Blue Wildbacher White, the Schilcher Ried Krass, the Schilcher Ried Schilcherberg, the Schilcher Old Vineyard, the Schilcher No. 5, the Schilcher Vegan, the Schilcher Novemberlese and the Schilcher Outbreak. As part of their sustainable practices, the Schilcherei | Weingut Jobstl encourages guests to bring back their empty bottles to be reused. Along with high quality wines, Schilcherei | Weingut Jobstl also produces fruit juices made from hand picked apples. Almost all of the products produced on the farm are vegan and made without any animal aids.

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Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine
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Blauer Wildbacher, Blauer Zweigelt, Gelber Muskateller, Weißburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc, Morillon

Am Schilcherberg 1, Wies, Steiermark, 8551, Austria See it on map
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Our Wine Experiences

Enter the fascinating world of wine at Schilcherei | Weingut Jöbstl through one of our activities: choose the experience that thrills you most

Schilcherei | Weingut Jöbstl

Wine tasting and tour at Schilcherei | Weingut Jöbstl

10 €
1 30
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Am Schilcherberg 1, Wies, Steiermark, 8551, Austria

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