What is the first thought coming to your mind when it comes to Bordeaux red wine?

Bordeaux is one of the oldest, most famous and biggest regions in the world. It gathers several regions that have their own wine characters and unique styles. Every region owns its enthusiasts. Today, here we are going to introduce you one of the famous regions in left bank.


Map of Medoc, from The Wine Cellar Insider

First, we will start talking about left bank. The left bank consists of wine from the following main regions, Margaux, St. Julien, Pauillac, St. Estephe and Haut Medoc appellations. Those regions always are referred as Medoc. Medoc also includes Moulis, Medoc and Listrac appellations. In general, these eight appellations produce the best wine.


Medoc has about 16,000 hectares growing the vine nowadays and produces 100 million bottles per year. If you come to Medoc, you will see there are lots of the “ first growth” Bordeaux wine. Medoc is also the home of most of the Cru Bourgeois estates. While most of the Cru Bourgeois locates in Haut Medoc, others sit all over the area from north to south.


Now, we are about to introduce two particular regions in Medoc.


Haut-Medoc is the closest region to Bordeaux city in left bank. The region stretches 60 kilometers from north to south. The soil is really high quality and it is thought to be the best combination to grow the vines. The wine of Haut-Medoc is thought as powerful, vivacious and lively but still have an elegant and complex note for red currant, mint and some spices.

Château du Taillan

The winery and vineyards of Château du Taillan

Located at Haut-Medoc, it is a winery with centuries of history. After some generations, the 5th generation of Cruse family still shares the passion of wine to all the enthusiasts. The underground cellar is one of the points you can’t miss when you come to visit.


Although the first activity recorded in Saint-Estèphe goes back as far as the Middle Bronze Age, the first vines date from the Roman Occupation. Nowadays, it is still a great land producing remarkable wine. It locates in the center of Medoc and has an excellent terroir. The wine is characterized by rich tannin taste, deep red color and complexity.

Château Lafon-Rochet

The vineyards of Chateau Lafon-Rochet

Chateau Lafon-Rochet is run by Tesseron family since mid of 17 century. They respect the land and deiced to apply biodynamic farming techniques in the vines. The excellent terroir, the picturesque vineyards and the friendly winemaker are the reason you should visit it.

Except for these two regions we have mentioned above, there are more regions and stories in Medoc waiting for you to explore. It is time to put down the phone and treat yourself a nice wine trip.