The AOC Bourgueil comes from the sub-region of Touraine, it is located on the banks of the Loire, 50km far from the west of Tours, on 14 square kilometers of tufa fat and sticky (“love lands”), in the central Loire Valley wine region. 7,000,000 liters in a year of wines are produced there, averagely, from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. There are several levels in this viticulture landscape whose heights are more strongly ventilated, and a climate of advantage subject to oceanic influences than the rest of the Touraine sub-region, because of its extreme west position. The vineyards are protected from the harshest winds from the north by a forest and benefits from the warmer temperatures of the Touraine during the vegetative period.

This promotes an ideal ripening of the grapes. 80% of the production is red wines, resembling the AOC Chinon, made from “Breton” or “berton” (Cabernet Franc). Some dry rosé wines, light and fruity, are added to the Bourgueil AOC. The “grape wines” are the most present, they are soft, aromatic and fruity with a beautiful purple color. They are of good guard (5 to 10 years). The “tufa wines” are full-bodied and tannic in their youth, but capable of a long aging, they can flourish and present then characters of a very interesting aromatic complexity.

Bourgueil receive its AOC status when regulatory laws were passed on 31 July 1937.


A part of important features of Bourgueil appellation for red wines are as follows:


  • Soil: Limestone.
  • Taste: Soft.
  • Wine color: Red.
  • Aromas: Fruity.
  • Aging potential: 5- 10 years.
  • Serving temperature: 14 to 16° C


A part of important features of Bourgueil appellation for rose wines are as follows:


  • Soil: Limestone.
  • Taste: Balanced.
  • Wine color: Rose.
  • Aromas: Fruity.
  • Aging potential: 5 – 10 years.
  • Serving temperature: 9 to 11° C


Region Highlights

Surface: About 14 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Bourgueil
Grapes: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Types of Wines: Rose Wine, Red Wine

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