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The Altos Montes wine region of Brazil is located in the Serra Gaucha, in the Rio Grande do Sul. the development of viticulture in the region was as a result of its colonization by the Italians in 1875. After this, the first wineries opened in the region in the 1920s. today wine making is still one of the most popular activities in the region and it is well known for its high number of family owned and run wineries.

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High Altitude Brazilian Wines with an Italian Influence  

The altitude of the Altos Montes wine region provides the region with mild temperatures throughout the grape growing season. This conditions the vines to have a longer maturation period, resulting in grapes that have excellent acidity, a high level of pigmentation in the skins, and medium amounts of sugar.

The lowest vineyards of Altos Montes are plated at 550m above sea level where there is wonderful thermal amplitude. Some of the highest peaks might even receive some snow in the winter! The terroir of the region consists mainly of Cambisol. The soils are generally deep, high in acidity and well drained.

Grape Varieties

Red: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Ancellotta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Refosco, Marselan, Tannat.    

White: Chardonnay, Riesling Itálico, Trebbiano, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer

The Brazilian Wines of Altos Montes

In terms of classification, the main wine types in Altos Montes are Vinho fino tinto seco (red wine), vinho fino rosado seco (rosé wine), vinho fino branco seco (white wine), Vinho espumante fino – branco ou rosado and Vinho Moscatel espumante branco ou rosado (both sparkling wines).

The sparkling wines of the region are made with Moscatel and Chardonnay grapes. These wines are generally fresh with a slight acidity and a balanced alcohol content.

Visit the Mausoleu Da Menina Izildinha

The Mausoleu Da Menina Izildinha is the burial place of Menina Izildinha, also known as the Angel of the Lord or Saint Izildinha. Menina Izildinha was an unofficial but popular saint to whom Catholic Brazilians attribute various miracles, cures and healings. The mausoleum is located in a sanctuary in Altos Montes which is a centre of faith and praise for the local people.

The Must-See Places to Visit in Altos Montes   

The Parish Church of Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

The Parish Church of Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is a catholic church and place of worship in Altos Montes. The church was built in 1939 and is a beautiful architectural structure for visitors to enjoy.

The Monument to the Rooster

The Monumento ao Galo – Parque da Vindima is a monument to the rooster. The legend of the rooster dates back to 1934 when a magician in the local area promised to cut off the head of a rooster in his show but that his magic would make it sing again. At the time of the show, the trick failed and the magician ran away leaving the rooster on stage.

The Santa Juliana Tower and Church

The Santa Juliana Tower and Church are located in the Altos Montes region. The beautiful church is best known for its imposing magnificent adjacent tower that can be seen from far in the distance.

Spend Time in the Wonderful Nature of Altos Montes

The natural beauty of Altos Montes is spread across the various altitudes across the region. The region is known for its sprawling vineyards and immense natural beauty that provide for a range of wonderful outdoor activities.

Mirante Gaio – The Lookout Point of Altos Montes

The Miranta Gaio is the lookout point of Gaio. The lookout is located in Mato Person, nest to the Gaio winery, 18km from Otavio Rocha. From this point visitors can enjoy unspoiled views of the surrounding areas.

Cascata da Usina – The Waterfalls of Altos Montes

The Cascata da Usina are waterfalls located in the Altos Montes region. The waterfalls and surrounding pools are perfect for swimming on hot summer days. At the waterfalls there are a number of walking trails to appreciate the scenery.

Vista do Rio das Antas – Drive Along the Scenic Road

The Vista do Rio das Antas is a scenic driving route that takes one through the vineyards of southern Brazil. The route is known for its bright sun, fresh air, beautiful roads, rivers and mountains. It is the perfect way to explore the countryside and recharge in nature.

The Must Try Meals of Altos Montes  

The fertile Altos Montes region of Brazil is known for cuisine using only the freshest local ingredients. The region is known for its hearty, delicious dishes which are best enjoyed when paired with a glass of the local wine.

Stinco bovino ao vinho branco – Beef Shin with White Wine and Vegetables

Stinco bovino ao vinho branco is a local dish made with beef shin meat, carrots, onions, celery, leeks, garlic rosemary and dry white wine. The meat is left to marinade for at least 12 hours before it is cooked in white wine and aromatic herbs. When it is ready it is cooked in an oven for a long period of time.

Nhoque de batata-doce – Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Nhoque de batata-doce are sweet potato gnocchi that are made with sweet potatoes, eggs, and flour. To make the dish, the sweet potatoes are cooked until they are very soft. After this, they are mashed with a fork and mixed with the egg and flour. The mixture is kneaded into a dough, flavored with parmesan cheese, cut into gnocchi shapes and boiled in water.

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Region Highlights

Surface in ha:
Soil: Cambisoil
Climate: High altitude with great thermal amplitude
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