The best wineries in Württemberg

Discover Impressive Wineries of Württemberg to Visit

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Discover the Best Wineries in Württemberg

Württemberg is the fourth-largest wine region in Germany, mostly known for the romantic city of Heidelberg and its exotic red wines made of Trollinger, Schwarzriesling, and Lemberger. Wineries in Württemberg are eager to welcome guests and share their wines and winemaking history. You will find astonishing wineries near Stuttgart and Heidelberg as well as hundreds of other wineries to visit throughout the region.

Are you searching for tips or advice on wineries and vineyards to visit during your holiday to Württemberg?

We have provided a list of wineries in Württemberg open for visitors with direct booking options through our website. At, we are available to answer any questions and help guide you towards the best fit when planning your wine region experience in Württemberg. We hope you will discover what makes the region special and enjoy your exploration of unforgettable Württemberg!

Beautiful Display of Schnaitmann WIne Bottles

Visit Schnaitmann winery to discover a wide range of wines they produce

Browse through the best selection of outstanding wineries

Walk around the vineyards that produce 12.5 million kilograms of grapes per year.

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Im Brühl 48, Lauffen, Württemberg , 95476, Germany

The Youngest Winery to Achieve VDP - an Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates

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Untertürkheimer Straße 4, Fellbach, 70734, Germany

Discover the winery that is the third-largest wine cooperative in Württemberg.

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Neipperger Straße 60, Brackenheim, Württemberg, 74336, Germany

Plan a visit to the oldest family-based winery, dating back to the 1256s.

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Wiesenkelter 1, Oehringen Verrenberg, Wuerttemberg, 74613, Germany

Family winery with a rich history dating back to 1580 and a cozy 2-bedroom apartment

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Burrainstraße 55, 75447 Sternenfels, Germany

Award-winning winery using its rich tradition to create distinct wines

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Hauptstraße 49, Weinstadt, Baden-Württemberg, , Germany

Map of Wineries in Württemberg

Discover the locations of wineries in Württemberg 

How to Reach Wineries in Württemberg

Wineries in Württemberg are easily accessible by different means of transportation

Stuttgart Airport is the nearest International airport that hosts all major carriers in Europe. The airport also serves several low-cost airlines that connect many small airports in Europe. If you plan to travel the southern part of Württemberg, the airports in Zurich, Switzerland, and the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse on French territory are good options as well.

After reaching Stuttgart, you can easily discover wineries in Württemberg.

If you are going to visit wineries in Württemberg by car, here are some suggestions:

  • Stuttgart is connected by the two major motorways, the west/east-highway A8 to the south and the north/south-highway A81 to the west. Some smaller autobahn like B10, B14, B27 also passes through the city. Just follow the sign “Stuttgart Zentrum” to get to the center of Stuttgart.
  • Stuttgart has a serious issue of traffic jams, so avoid the peak-hour as car traffic can easily break down. Car parking is also a problem in inner-city areas. Expect a lack of parking facilities and high parking fees.
  • In around 15-20 minutes drive from Stuttgart, you can discover a big number of wineries in Württemberg.

Württemberg is connected by Deutsche Bahn (DB) rail system that operates to and from all major cities. Ulm, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Freiburg have high speed ICE connections. 

To Reach wineries in Württemberg, you can take short-distance trains from Stuttgart. 


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