History of the Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg

The roots of the wine history of the Ortenau region lie in the town of Gengenbach at the Von Bender House. Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg was founded in 1951 and became the headquarters and contact point for Gengenbach winemakers. The winery had to be moved from the city center because the street was too narrow, and there was difficulty in delivering grapes to the cellar. The building was then converted into a stylish, open restaurant with a lounge. The wines of Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg are showcased on-site. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine or purchase them to take home.


Winery with Rich Traditions

The vineyards in the Kinzig Valley, worked by Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg, have a lot of tradition. All work is done manually by dedicated workers with care and with significant commitment. The diverse soil types, coupled with a warm and sunny climate, result in perfect wine cultivation conditions.

These features impart a unique taste and flavor to the wines of Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg, showing the wine production of their gifted land.

The pruning begins in winter, and the workers manually harvest the grapes in mid-September and deliver them to the cellar for further processing. The typical grape varietals that grow are Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. These grapes go into producing their premium red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines.


The Winery Cellar

The wine cellar at Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg is equipped with modern technology and machines that preserve the grape qualities and allow each wine to reach its maximum potential. Proper fermentation and aging of wines provide distinct qualities and balance to the wines that people love all over the world.

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Services / Facilities:
Reduced Mobility Access available Reduced Mobility Access
Not Organic Producer Organic Producer
Restaurant available Restaurant
Hotel Accommodation Unavailable Accommodation
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Pets Not Allowed Pets Allowed
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Cellar Door Sales
Wine Types:
Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Wide Assortment

Am Winzerkeller 2, Gengenbach, Baden, 77723, Germany See it on map
Visiting Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Saturday: 9:00 – 13:00 Uhr

Spoken Languages: Deutsch English

Our Wine Experiences

Enter the fascinating world of wine at Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg through one of our activities: choose the experience that thrills you most

Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg

Wine tasting and tour at Weinmanufaktur Gengenbach-Offenburg

9 €
3 00
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Am Winzerkeller 2, Gengenbach, Baden, 77723, Germany

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