The well regarded sub-region of Colli Piacentini has an array of wines known throughout the world for their prestige and distinction. As you embark on your travels through the wine region of Emilia – Romagna, we hope you will experience these superb wines.

Colli Piacentini’s grace and finesse are largely due to the winemakers of the area and their great attention to detail in their methods. These elements provide a style of wine found nowhere else in Italy, or the world for that matter.

We hope you will experience the superb wines that make Colli Piacentini a favorite for wine drinkers worldwide. Explore our site to discover what Wineries in Colli Piacentini have to offer and book a wine experience with us today. Find out more about Wine Tasting and Tours in Colli Piacentini.

This region is a sub-region to Emilia – Romagna. More information and facts about this sub-region will be added shortly.

Region Highlights

Types of Wines:

The Emilia – Romagna region

Emilia – Romagna wine region

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