Travel Guide to Burgenland Wine Region

The region of Burgenland is one of Austria’s main wine regions. Burgenland is located approximately one hour away from the city of Vienna in the east of Austria. This wine region shares a border with Hungary. As a result of this, many of the Burgenland wines are similar to Hungarian wines. The Burgenland region is a long strip of land from the Danube River to the south of Austria. The wineries in this region are famous for their particular style of architecture known as ‘Wine Architecture’. Burgenland is not only a wine region, but also a wonderful holiday destination for all who visit.

Find out about Wine Tasting and Tours in Burgenland to enjoy your visit to the region.

The vineyards close to the lake Neusiedl in the Burgenland region
Vineyards close to the lake Neusiedl in Burgenland wine region, Austria

The Top Red Wine Producing Region of Austria

Burgenland wine region has a long history of viticulture and proudly presents itself as the center of the red winemaking of Austria, which is most commonly known for its white wine. Despite its fame as the best red wine producer of Austria, the Burgenland wine region is also renowned for the production of complex white and extraordinary sweet wines.

Territories of Burgenland

The vines of Burgenland are planted over 13 840 ha of land, across four sub-regions. The Continental Pannonian climate of the region makes it perfect for the growth of vines. The differing types of terroir in the various sub-regions of Burgenland allows for the production of both red and white wines. In Burgenland the soil is a contrast of chalk along the slopes of the Leithaberg mountain and sandy soils towards the east. In the Eisenberg area in southern Burgenland, the soil is made of layers of basalt.

The Neisiedlersee area of Burgenland is well-known for its vineyards that are beautifully planted along the side of the lake. The wineries in Neisiedlersee produce excellent dessert wines. The Mittelburgenland region is where most of the Burgenland red wine production takes place. These wines are most commonly produced using the Blaufrankisch grape varietal.

In a small part of Burgenland known as Rust, the focus is on the production of sweet wine known as Ruster Ausbruch. This wine is made of grapes that are left on the vine long enough for them to rot. This category of wine exists only in Austria and is a real treat to drink.

Tractor in the vineyard of the Weingut MAD winery
Vineyards of Weingut MAD in Leithaberg, Burgenland wine region, Austria

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties: Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt

White Varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Neubergerm, Grüner Veltliner

What to Taste in Burgenland

Notable Red and White Wines from one of Austria’s Main Winemaking Regions

The Burgenland wine region is most famous for its red wines. Burgenland red wines are full-bodied, spicy, and rich. They are produced using mainly the Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt grape varietals. More specifically, the red wines of the Leithaberg sub-region of Burgenland have a more mineral taste with flavors of plump fruits.

Although the focus in Burgenland is mainly on the production of red wines, the white wines of this wine region should not be overlooked. White wine grapes are planted on approximately 50% of the land in Burgenland. The white wines that are produced here are known to be full-bodied. These wines are made using mostly local Burgenlandian grape varietals including Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris. Thanks to the terroir and location of the wine region, these grapes grow particularly well in Burgenland.

Along with red and white wines, sweet wines are also a specialty of Burgenland. The location of the wine region close to the lake provides the humidity necessary to shrivel grapes and increase their level of sweetness.

Open Cellar Doors in Burgenland Wine Region

Weingut Hans Igler

The winery of the Weingut Hans Igler

Weingut Hans Igler is a family-run Austrian winery that has been producing wines for over 50 years. Weingut Hans Igler is known for its excellent quality wines. The philosophy of the winemakers is that good quality wine begins in the vineyards. The Weingut Hans Igler is located on the Schaflerhof Estate which welcomes visitors for wine experiences and events. 

Stephano Das-Wein-Gut

Stephano Das-Wein-Gut_winebottle in the vineyard_4

The winemakers at the Stephano Das-Wein-Gut consider winemaking fine art. Not only does Stephano Das-Wein-Gut produce excellent wines, but it is also home to a wonderful art gallery displaying the best in local artwork. Stephano Das-Wein-Gut invites visitors for a magical experience of excellent wine and art.

Salzl Seewinkelhof

salzl seewinkelhof top view of the beautiful estate and yard

The Salzl Seewinkelhof winery is located in the town is Llmitz. This winery is one of the most beautiful in Austria and is perfectly surrounded by the lakes and landscapes of the Seewinkel National Park. The Salzl Seewinkelhof wines are famous for their warmth and softness. For those looking for a wine tourism experience, the Salzl Seewinkelhof also has a wonderful four-star guest house with perfectly appointed rooms and a pool for lazy summer afternoons.

Explore more Wineries in Burgenland to discover the exceptional terroirs and wines of Austria.

Places to Visit in Burgenland

Lockenhaus – The Center of the Arts in Austria

The town of Lockenhaus is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Austria. Lockenhaus can be found at the foot of the Geschriebenstien mountain near Vienna. The town is surrounded by forests. The natural environment of Lockenhaus includes a range of trails for horse riding, trail running, hiking, and mountain biking. There is also a leisure pool for those hot summer days.

Lockenhaus is not only naturally beautiful, it is also a hub of culture and tradition. One of the biggest attractions in Lockenhaus is the music festival that is held at the start of summer every year. This festival attracts elite chamber musicians and music lovers from across Europe and further abroad.

The magical town of Lockenhaus provides the perfect environment for a wonderful holiday experience.

Stadtschlaining – The Smallest Town of Burgenland

Stadtschlaining is the smallest town in Burgenland and the second smallest town in Austria. The most famous part of the city is its beautiful medieval center. A visit to the town would not be complete without experiencing the Stadtschlaining Castle. This castle was once the core of the city and is now one of Austria’s architectural marvels. Stadtschlaining is considered to be the center of peace in Austria. The Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution was founded in Stadtschlaining. This center provides a unique set of sites to see including the Peace Library in the former town synagogue, the conference center located in the Schlaining Castle, and the Hotel Burg Schlaining.

For wine lovers, Stadtschlaining is the start of the official Burgenland wine route that takes one through the various local wine farms, natural parks, castles, and museums – a truly magical wine experience.

Halbturn – The Home of the Halbturn Castle

The Austrian town of Halbturn is located in the north of the country, on the border with Hungary. Halbturn is most famous for the breathtaking castle. The castle was built in 1701 as a hunting lodge for the emperor of the time. Today, the castle is Halbturn’s most visited attractions and the perfect place to relax and be entertained. The castle hosts a number of events throughout the year including exhibitions, concerts, weddings, film shoots, and markets. It is also home to the Knappenstockl Restaurant which serves the best in local cuisine. After spending a day at the castle why not check-in and spend the night in one of the castle’s Baroque rooms for a truly authentic experience.

harvest at weingut klaus nittnaus

10 minutes drive from Halbturn you can visit Klaus Nittnaus Winery. The winery offers a range of different tasting experiences to suit the needs of every visitor. 

The Rolling Hills and Plains of the Region 

Compared to the most mountainous regions of Austria, Burgenland is characterized by its plains and hills. Burgenland is well known for its temperate climate – the sunny and warm summers make it the perfect destination to visit. Nature lovers can experience a range of wonderful outdoor activities in the beautiful landscapes of Burgenland.

Aerial Vineyard View Of The Weingut Stefan Zehetbauer Winery
Vineyards of Stefan Zehetbauer, one of our partner wineries in Leithaberg, Burgenland wine region, Austria
Pamhagen im Seewinkel

Pamhagen is a small town located in the Neusiedl am See district of Burgenland. This hidden gem is a paradise for food lovers with its range of excellent local restaurants serving the best in Austrian cuisine. A visit to Pamhagen would not be complete without seeing the Steppentierpark Pamhagen. The Steppentierpark is a park that covers an area of 13 hectares. Within the park, there are approximately 50 different species of animals to view and enjoy. A lovely family experience and a fun-filled day out.

Seewinkel National Park

Experience Wild and Untouched Nature

The Seewinkel National Park covers 97 square kilometers of land in the Burgenland region of Austria. This national park is the home of various species of flora and fauna. For bird lovers, the national park is home to thousands of migrating birds that provide a spectacle to see. The Seewinkel National Park is open to visitors throughout the year. Trained guides at the park are ready to welcome guests and take them on guided tours of the area. Various bird watching options are also available. Seewinkel National Park also has an Ecological Center where can learn more about the natural environment. This wonderful park is the perfect place to experience nature and educate yourself on the local area.

Lake Neusiedl – The Laid-Back Lake

Lake Neusiedl is the largest endorheic lake in the whole of central Europe. The lake spans over 315 square kilometers and crosses Austria and Hungary. Although the water of the lake is incredibly shallow, it still provides plenty of wonderful opportunities for all who visit. One of the biggest appeals of Lake Neusiedl is its resident Mangalica pigs. These hairy pigs can be seen at Lake Neusiedl and enjoyed on most local menus. Lake Neusiedl is the perfect location to visit for a relaxing boat ride into the sunset.   

Lighthouse in Podersdorf am See, Neusiedl Lake, Burgenland, Austria

Hidden Gem – The surprising magic of Eisenstadt

The town of Eisenstadt is the capital of Burgenland. This beautiful and historical town has its roots as far back in history as the Roman Empire. Today, Eisenstadt is considered the musical capital of Austria, partly because it was the home of the composer Joseph Haydn. When exploring Eisenstadt, the influence of Haydn is clear across the town. The most popular attractions in Eisenstadt is the Esterhazy Palace. The palace is considered one of the greatest architectural sites in Burgenland. Visitors are allowed access to the palace to see some of its magnificent concert halls. 

Eisenstadt is a small town is packed full of culture and history – a wonderful experience for all who visit.

Gastronomy of Burgenland

Austrian food with a Hungarian touch  

The cuisine of Burgenland is strongly influenced by the region’s close proximity to Hungary. Burganlandian dishes are traditionally made of chicken, pork, or fish. The most common side dish of the region is the potato that is served in a number of different ways. Burgenland provides a wonderful food and wine experience for all who visit.

Matinigans – Traditional Austrian Stuffed Goose

Matinigans is the Austrian name for a traditional stuffed goose. This dish is traditionally prepared on St. Martins day which is on 11 November each year. There are many different versions of Matinigans, but the goose is most commonly stuffed with plums and chestnuts and then roasted. When the dish is served, it is accompanied by dumplings, potatoes, and red cabbage. To make Matinigans even more delicious, it is on some occasions drizzled with gravy made from delicious stock. Be sure to try Matinigans when in Burgenland to warm the stomach and the soul. 

Kürbissuppe – Pumpkin Soup with a Burgenland Twist

Kurbis Suppe is a pumpkin soup that is typical of Burgenland cuisine. This delicious and hearty soup is made with chopped pumpkin which is sautéed with vegetables and simmered in stock until tender. The most common vegetables that are added to the pumpkin are celery, onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, and potatoes.  The mixed vegetables are then flavored with spices such as dill, nutmeg, paprika, cumin, pepper, and salt. Once the vegetables are cooked, they are pureed and finished off with cream. Kurbis Suppe is usually enjoyed as a warm starter to a traditional Austrian meal.

Grammelpogatscheri – The Delicacy of Burgenland

Grammelpogatscheri is small pastries that are filled with finely chopped pork. These bite-sized delicacies are one of the most famous dishes of the Burgenland wine region. Across Burgenland, the ingredients used to make Grammelpogatscheri vary slightly but the pasty is always made of fried pork, eggs, flour, milk, salt, and yeast. Some Grammelpogatscheri makers like to include sour cream, wine, and lard in the dough for additional flavor. The local families of Burgenland, each place their own characteristic pattern on their Grammelpogatscheri, making them unique and easily identifiable. When visiting Burgenland be sure to grab and fresh and warm Grammelpogatscheri paired with a crisp glass of local wine.

Kürbissuppe – Austarian Pumpkin Soup

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Region Highlights

Surface: 13840
Soil: Chalk based, sandy, basalt, limestone and clay
Climate: Continental Pannonian

Selected wineries in Burgenland

Leo Hillinger
One of the largest organic wine producers in Austria
Salzl Seewinkelhof
Family-owned winery in Illmitz producing award-winning, high-quality wines
Stephano Das-Wein-Gut
Sustainable winery using its resources to make the best Eisenberg wines
Weingut Franz Schindler
Get Access to Arcade Terrace Courtyard and Lounge, Overlooking Mörbisch Charms

Wine tastings & tours in Burgenland

Wine tasting and tour at Leo Hillinger
Know about organic wine production along with wine tasting
Wine tasting and tour at Salzl Seewinkelhof
A relaxing stay at their four-star guesthouse along with Wine Tasting & Tour at Salzl Seewinkelhof
Wine tasting and tour at Stephano Das
Wine Tasting & Tour along with a guided tour through their wine cellar at Stephano Das
Wine tasting and tour at Weingut Franz Schindler
Indulge in an Exquisite Wine Tasting at Weingut Franz Schindler, Along with a Cellar Visit

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Leo Hillinger