Travel Guide to Lower Austria Wine Region

Lower Austria is the largest winemaking region in the country.  This wine region borders Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the northeastern part of Austria. The Lower Austria region is perfectly located on the banks of the Danube River. It is also home to the world-famous winemaking area of Wachau. Lower Austria is significant in terms of the history of viticulture in Austria. Viticulture in the area extends back to the Bronze age and some of the vines in the region are the oldest in the world. The town of Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria is home to one of the world’s most important oenological universities and research centers.

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The town of Weissenkirchen in der Wachau in the Lower Austria region
The town of Weissenkirchen in der Wachau in the Lower Austria region

Excellent Wines across Diverse Terroirs

Lower Austria is the largest wine region in the country of Austria. As a result of its immense size, the region is home to a wide range of wines and local grape varietals, including both local and international grapes. The range of wines in Lower Austria provides something to suit the palate of every wine lover.

Diverse Wines of the Highest Quality

There are 28,000 hectares of vineyards in the Lower Austria wine region that represents both local and international grape varieties. The vineyards of Lower Austria make up 60% of all of the vineyards across Austria. The total amount of wine produced in the region accounts for almost half of the wine produced in the entire country. Lower Austria includes eight of the sixteen official wine regions of Austria and five official DACs. The eight wine regions of Lower Austria are Carnuntum, Kamptal, Kremstal, Thermenregion, Traisental, Wachau, Weinviertel, and Wagram. All of these regions have varying climatic conditions and soil types, making the wines that they produce unique and characteristic of that particular area. The largest of the regions is Weinviertal which has more than half of the Lower Austria vineyards. These wines are divided into the areas of Falkenberg, Retz, and Milberg.

f. x. pichler lush vineyards against mountains near winery in austria
F.X. Pichler Winery in Wachau, Lower Austria wine region

Lower Austria gained recognition when it became the first Austrian wine region to market its wines under the name of the region. In recent times, some winemakers in the Lower Austria region have begun to produce a local Sekt Methode Traditionelle which is a sparkling wine. These wines are made according to traditional fermentation methods that take place in the bottle.

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties: Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Blaukrankisch

White Varieties: Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Chardonnay

Refreshing white and Elegant Red Wines

The white wines produced in the Lower Austria region are characteristically refreshing. One of the best white wines of the region is the Riesling which carries the typical characteristics of the Kremstal DAC, Trainsental DAC and Kamptal DAC wines. The Reisling grapes of Austria are what many believe have solidified the country’s excellent wine making status internationally. In Lower Austria, the Riesling is considered to be the queen of all of the local white wines.

Of the Lower Austria red wines, the most popular is by far the blends made with the local Blauer Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch grapes. The best Blauer Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch grapes are no doubt from Carnuntum where the hot summers and cold winters provide the perfect conditions for the grapes to fully ripen and mature. These red wines can be described as fruity, elegant, and modern in style.

Wineries to Visit in Lower Austria

Weingut Neustifter  

weingut neustifter amazing wine cellar full of wooden barrels for wine aging

The Weingut Neustifter is a family-run winery in the Niederosterreich wine-growing region. This impressive estate was established in 1930. One of the most impressive features of the winery is the 100-meter-long traditional barrel cellar in which their red wines are left to mature. The Weingut Neustifter offers a wonderful Austrian wine tasting experience to all who visit.

Weingut Thuringer

The Weingut Thuringer in Lower Austria is well known for its fruity and fresh wines. Guests are warmly welcomed at the winery and invited to enjoy a guided tour through the vineyards for first-hand knowledge on how the various Weingut Thuringer grapes are grown and harvested. Following the tour, guests are invited to enjoy a full wine tasting in the wonderful tasting room while relishing in the surrounding natural beauty. An Austrian wine experience not to be missed.

Graben Gritsch im Donauschlössel

Graben Gritsch im Donauschlössel is a family-owned vineyard, guesthouse, and newly opened restaurant right on the banks of the Danube River in Wachau, Austria. The vineyards in the Spitzer Graben outdate the winery, with their centuries-old stone terraces. 

Modern accommodations at the Danube Castle are also a perfect place to enjoy the peace, quiet, and hospitality of Wachau

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Where to Go in Lower Austria

St. Polten – The Youngest Capital of Austria

The town is St. Polten is the youngest of the Austrian capitals. It is also a wonderful combination of a Baroque city center and surrounding modern architecture that can be experienced nowhere else in Austria. The best way to spend time in St. Polten is to stroll around the old town and then experience the extremely modern government district. The extreme contrast of the two areas is a true sight to behold. The town is filled with buildings designed by famous architect Jakob Prandtauer which are great for photo opportunities. St. Polten provides the perfect blend of old and new and is filled with wonderful places for visitors to explore.

Baden bei Wien – The Former Summer Residence of the Romans

The town of Baden bei Wien has a rich history as it was once the imperial summer home of the Romans. At Baden bei Wien, the Romans would spend long hours bathing in the natural sulfur springs. Today, this town is a modern spa town that is located along the beautiful Vienna woods. This location and setting provide the perfect environment for a relaxing and tranquil getaway. Along with the hot springs, other popular attractions in Baden bei Wien include the Beethoven house, the Trinity Column, the Frauenbad and the Imperial House.

Zwettl – The Capital of Lower Austria

The town of Zwettl is the capital of the Lower Austria region. Zwettl is most well known for being the home of the Zwettl Abbey. This historical town is popular amongst visitors because of its unique character, history, and culture. Sights that should not be missed on a trip to Zwettl include the Stift Zwettl, the Burgruine Lichtenfels, Alpakahof Hahn, Privatbrauerei Zwettl, and the Hundertwasserbrunnen.

Become One With Nature in Lower Austria

Lower Austria is home to extraordinary natural beauty.  This region is foiled with towering mountains, deep valleys and gorges and rolling hills and vineyards. Lower Austria provides the perfect environment to escape city life, recharge and fill your lungs with clean and fresh air.

Aggstein castle ruin in Wachau valley, Lower Austria region, Austria
The Vienna Alps – Experience the Magic of the Alps

The section of the Alps known as the Vienna Alps is divided into the regions of Bucklige Welt, Wechsel, Semmering and Rax, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, Piestingtal and Wiener Neustadt. The various parts of the Vienna Alps are very diverse and offer a wide range of sceneries and landscapes for those who visit. The landscape between the regions changes from alpine pastures to dramatic hilly terrains with steep rock faces. Mountain lovers will find the Vienna Alps to be a piece of heaven dotted with villages and trails. These mountains provide a wonderful environment for both new and experienced hikers and walkers, and for nature lovers in general.

Thaya Valley National Park

The Smallest and Newest National Park in Austria

The Thaya Valley National Park is located near Hardegg along Austria’s border with the Czech Republic. Although this is the smallest and newest national park in Austria, it is packed with wonderful experiences and incredible landscapes. These landscapes include untouched forests, endless meadows, and steep rock faces. The Thaya Valley National Park is also a wonderland for animal lovers. Inside the park, there are well-marked walking and hiking trails that are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. There are also many resting places along the way to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. For cycling enthusiasts, it is also possible to rent bikes inside the park and enjoy the various cycling trails.

Lunzer See Lake – The Only Natural Swimming Lake in Lower Austria

Lunzer See Lake is located in the village of Lunz am See in Lower Austria. This village is an official mountaineering village of the Austrian Alpine Association. The Lunzer See Lake is unmissable with its bright emerald green color and mountainous surroundings. The lake is the only natural swimming lake in Austria. The lake attracts droves of visitors who spend time at the lake swimming, sunbathing, and strolling along the shores. The beautiful scenery at the lake also makes it a popular location for events and festivals during the summer months. Lunzer Lake See offers a range of facilities to visitors including table tennis facilities, diving platforms, sunbathing lawns, and a restaurant with a buffet. The lake is open daily and one can also rent rowboats, pedal boats, and electric boats for lazy and enjoyable days on the water.

Hidden Gem – The Wild Mountain at Mautern

The Wild Mountain is a theme park located in Mautern in Lower Austria. This attraction is a must-see for all families and animal lovers. Visitors are given the chance to ride a customized cable car up the mountain and then walk down while feeding the animals.  There are also many interactive spots where one can learn about the local flora and fauna. The Wild Mountain park has something to offer everyone including a wild cat enclosure with a catwalk, a children’s touch farm, a bird of prey show, a play park, a children’s barn, and a wonderful restaurant serving local delights.

The Wine and Food Mecca of Austria

Cuisine of Lower AUstria

The cuisine of Lower Austria is filled with local delights made of the finest fresh produce. Because of the large size of this region, there are vast differences in the foods from different parts of Lower Austria. This provides an exciting taste and flavor journey for all who visit.

Marchfeldspargel – Asparagus of Lower Austria

Within the Lower Austria region lies the large valet of Marchfeld. The conditions in this valley, along the Morava river, are absolutely perfect for the growth of the award-winning Marchfeldspargel. This local asparagus was first cultivated in the 1800s and is well known for its delicate flavor. It is not as bitter as asparagus grown in other parts of the world. All Marchfeldspargel are carefully tended to and hand-harvested after which they are immediately refrigerated. This ensures that they are always fresh and delicious to eat.

Mohnnudeln – Deliciously Decadent Dumplings

Mohnnudeln are thick potato dumplings made with potato and ground poppy seeds and covered in melted butter and sugar. These dumplings are enjoyed as a sweet main dish across Lower Austria. When visiting the area be sure to try these local treats that are also often referred to as Waldviertler mohnnudeln.

Wachauer Marillenknodel – Delightful Apricot Dumplings

For those with a sweet tooth, Wachauer Marillenknodel is the perfect meal to enjoy within Lower Austria. This delicious dish is a traditional Austrian meal that is made with depicted apricots that are covered in a light dough, shaped into a dumpling, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried in butter. The dough that is used is made either with soft cheese or with potatoes. For added flavor, the breadcrumbs are often flavored with cinnamon.  Although Wachauer Marillenknodel sounds like a sweet dessert, this is served as a main course across Lower Austria.

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Selected wineries in Lower Austria

Domäne Wachau
Wachau winery producing light Steinfeder and Federspiels wines
F.X. Pichler
Multiple award-winning winery in operation since 1898 famous for white wines
Graben Gritsch Im Donauschlössel
A family owned vineyard where you will find peace and modern comforts.
Weingut Alois Höllerer

Wine tastings & tours in Lower Austria

Premium Wine Tasting and Tour at Weingut Walter Glatzer
Indulge in an Exclusive Wine Tasting Experience Paired with a Winery Tour
Premium Wine Tasting at Weingut Walter Glatzer
Indulge in an Exclusive Wine Tasting Experience Paired with a Winery Tour
Wine tasting and tour at Domäne Wachau
Know about the history of the place and taste their unique fruity wines at Domäne Wachau Wine Tasting & Tour
Wine tasting and tour at F.X. Pichler
Savor their award-winning white wines along with stunning views of their vineyards at F.X. Pichler Wine Tasting & Tour

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List of Wineries in Lower Austria wine region

Domäne Wachau