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Explore The Best Wineries in Abruzzo

Abruzzo region, sheltered between the Apennine Mountains and the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, is known for rich, bold, and undiscovered Montepulciano Wine, which is often confused with the famous Tuscan wine, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Wineries in Abruzzo are eager to welcome guests and share their wines and winemaking history. You will discover numerous open cellar doors in Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Colli Aprutini appellations. 

Are you searching for tips or advice on wineries and vineyards to visit during your holiday to Abruzzo?

We have provided a list of wineries in Abruzzo open for visitors with direct booking options through our website. At, we are available to answer any questions and help guide you towards the best fit when planning your wine region experience in Abruzzo. We hope you will discover what makes the region special and enjoy your exploration of unforgettable Abruzzo!

vineyard of castorani

Don’t miss to visit the estate of Castorani while you are exploring wineries in Abruzzo.

Browse through the best selection of outstanding wineries

The first winery in Europe, entirely built according to the Principles of Bio-Architecture.

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Via Stortini 32/A, Ortona, Chieti, Abruzzo, 66026, Italy

Enjoy delicious wines and extra virgin oils from its 1640 olive trees.

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Tenuta Masciangelo, Str. Sant' Elena, 10, 66023 Francavilla al Mare, CH, Italy

Explore one of the oldest wineries of the Abruzzo region, covered in green hills.

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Viale Regina Margherita, 24, Villamagna, Chieti, 66010, Italy

Organic winery with an 18th-century villa focused on organic farming and regional wine

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Via Castorani, 5, Alanno, Italy/ Pescara / Abruzzo, 65020, Italy

Organize your Exclusive Events and Attend Cooking Classes at the Fontefico Winery

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Via Difenza, 38, Vasto, 66054, Italy

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Via Dei Vigneti 4, Manoppello Scalo, 65024, Pescara, Italy

Wine that reflects its strong tradition at Tenuta Dei Tigli Winery

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Via Contrada Valle, 10, Casacanditella, 66010, Abruzzo, Italy

Map of Abruzzo Wineries

Discover the locations of wineries in Abruzzo

How to Reach Wineries in Abruzzo

Wineries in Abruzzo are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

You have several options if you would like to travel and discover wineries in Abruzzo:

Abruzzo Airport is the main international airport of Abruzzo. It is situated approximately 4km (2.5 miles) from the center of Pescara, about 180 km (112 miles) from Rome. The airlines have low fares for flights from and to Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Krakow, London, Milan, and Turin.

Besides the local airport, you can also fly to another region of Italy and extended your trip. The second nearest airport is Rome Airport, two hours drive, and Ancora Airport, an hour and a half away.

There are three major routes that connect Abruzzo to the rest of Italy.

-The first one is the Adriatic Motorway, A14 which connects Bologna to Taranto through the beautiful coastal towns of the region.
– A24 route- Parks Motorway links Rome to Teramo via L’Aquila
– A25 links Pescara to Rome from west to east.

Once you are inside the regional borders, you can easily visit wineries in Abruzzo by taking regional roads. Most of the wineries in Abruzzo are located within a 20-30 minutes drive from Pescara.

You can easily reach the wineries in Abruzzo via train. From Rome, you can go to Tiburtina railway station and travel about 4 hours to reach Abruzzo. This is a pleasing journey that allows you to enjoy the picturesque views of the valley in the Apennines and of some stunning hill towns in Italy.

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Abruzzo.

The best time to visit the wineries in Abruzzo is from June until September when you will have a pleasant temperature and little rainfall. The highest average temperature in Abruzzo is 25°C in July and the lowest is 5°C in January. Around mid-May, you can experience the natural beauty of the region with the blooming of new flower petals under the warm weather, the vineyards and the olive groves that have a pleasant sight to offer.

Here you will find:

– Wineries with a long history of tradition and values
– Traditional family-run wineries
– Wineries following organic farming with a biodynamic approach
– Picturesque natural views and landscapes.

Visiting wineries in Abruzzo will open a whole new world of winemaking techniques, philosophies with their great history and rich culture.

Almost all Wineries in Abruzzo have their special tasting room. You can also savor the wines while strolling around their vineyards. Many wineries offer guided cellar and vineyard tours. Have a look at our list of wine tastings and tours in Abruzzo. Use the details from our website as the basis for your next expedition, so you visit different areas in turn and taste the wines made by different wineries.

If you plan to have a longer stay, there are lots of wineries in Abruzzo along the wine route that offer accommodation. You can always buy your favorite wine of Abruzzo directly from the winery which can be taken home as a souvenir.

Abruzzo vineyards are undoubtedly ruled by the red Montepulciano grape. The region produces more than 60% of the Montepulciano variety.

Famous grape varieties from Abruzzo:
-Montepulciano (65%)
– Trebbiano (12%)
– Pecorino (8%)
-Pinot Grigio (3%)
-Chardonnay (2%)
-Sangiovese (2%)
-Rare White Blend (1%)
-Other (7%)

Abruzzo mainly produces red wines from the Montepulciano grape variety. White wines are produced notably in less quantity (only 9%). You can also find some rose-style wines here produced from the Cerasuolo grape variety.

Some words to remember before you Wineries in Abruzzo:

  • “Vino”- Wine
  • “Cantina” – Winery
  • “Vigna” – Vine
  • “Vigneto” – Vineyard
  • “Uva” – Grape
  • “Vino Bianco” – White wine
  • “Vino Rosso” – Red wine
  • “Rosé” – Rosé wine
  • “Strada del Vino/dei Vini” – Wine route
  • “Salute!” or “Cin Cin” – Cheers!