Csetvei Cellar Winery, Woman Led Natural Winemaking in the Heart of Hungary

Csetvei Cellar Winery is located in the quaint and beautiful wine growing areas of Mor and Somlo. The winery is an extremely small family-run cellar crafting natural wines with a true heart. The winemaker at Csetvei Cellar, Krisztina Csetvai, has become the leading figure in the new generation of Hungarian winemakers.

Krisztina is quite well known and respected for her brave, unorthodox approach to winemaking. The Csetvei Cellar winery has land and vineyards across two spectacular regions in Hungary.

The Vineyards and Soils of the Winery

In the region of Somlo, the soils are volcanic while in the region of Mor there are mostly yellow soils. The vineyards are tended to naturally, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides allowing Csetvei Cellar to produce exquisite organic wines. Krisztina hopes to develop the reputation of the Mor wine region on the global stage. The potential of the region and quality of the fruit it produces helps to create her fantastic blended wines.

Developing Natural Wines with the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

The wines she develops have qualities unlike any other. A focus for Csetvei Cellar is their NapHoldChillag, or SunMoonStar 19’ wine. The wine’s name Sunmoonstar refers to the three grape varieties used as Chardonnay represents the Sun, Szürkebarát represents the Moon and Ezerjó represents the Star of the blend. As the Sun suggests, the wine has a pale golden colour. The bouquet is intense and aromatic, a very appealing mixture of toast, wet wood, chamomile, blood orange, and mushroom notes. The palate of the wine is dry, full-bodied, and creamy with aromas of toast, vanilla, lemon, woody qualities, and moist mushroom. The finish of the wine takes you on a long journey through the woods with the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, dancing above your head on a summer’s day. Not a bad place to be, right?

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Mór | Somló
Wine Types:
Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine,
Grape Varieties:

Local grapes: Ezerjó, Királylányka, Olaszrizling, Juhark, Bluefranckish, Pinot Noir

Winery Csetvei Mór Hársfa utca hrsz.737 Hársfa u. 8060, Hungary See it on map
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Winery Csetvei Mór Hársfa utca hrsz.737 Hársfa u. 8060, Hungary

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