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Discover Remarkable Wineries of Calabria to Visit

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Explore the Best Wineries in Calabria

Calabria, mostly rural region, is located in southern Italy and it is best known for its red wines from the Gaglioppo grape. Among the 12 appellations, the most famous is Ciro, which is located in the eastern foothills along the Ionian coast. Bianco, Bivongi, Donnici and Melissa are other important region of Calabria. Wineries in Calabria are always open for guests and share their wines and winemaking history. You will find many amazing wineries near Catanzaro or Reggio Calabria as well as hundreds of other attractions to visit throughout the region.

Are you searching for tips or advice on wineries and vineyards to visit during your holiday to Calabria?
We have provided a list of wineries in Calabria open for visitors with direct booking options through our website. At, we are available to answer any questions and help guide you towards the best fit when planning your wine region experience in Calabria. We hope you will discover what makes the region special and enjoy your exploration of unforgettable Calabria!

tenute pacelli photo of the amazing building and lush vineyards

Tenuta Pacelli – one of our partner wineries in Calabria run by women of the family.

Browse through the best selection of outstanding wineries in Calabria

Savour the taste of award-winning red wine – Libici, produced with organic farming.

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C.Da Comerci 6, Nicotera, Calabria, 89844, Italy

Visit this estate and enjoy their wine, olive oil and milk

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Contrada Lenti, Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro, 88046, Italy

Discover the winery that is dominated by Hunting Casino, an ancient residence of 1700.

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Impresa Agricola Tenute Pacelli, Malvito, Cosenza, italy

AZIENDA AGRICOLA FRATELLI DAVOLI, an italian winery with mediterranean aromatic wines and oil

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Contrada Cannistraro - Sant'eufemia Vetere, Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro, 88046, Italy

A fourth-generation winery using latest technology to produce high-quality wines

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Militare Traversa Prima, 13, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, 89135, Italy

Family winemakers using handpicked grapes to make distinct Savuto wines

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Via Colle Manco Snc, Marzi, 87050, Italy

Award winning boutique wines in historical settings

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C.Da Celimarro, Castrovillari, 87012, Italy

Map of Calabrian Wineries

Discover the locations of wineries in Calabria

How to Reach Wineries in Calabria

Wineries in Calabria are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

You can start exploring wineries in Calabria by flying into one of the following airports:

  • Reggio Calabria Airport (REG)
  • Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF)
  • Crotone Airport (CRV). 

Buses run from the airport to downtown and the port.

Traveling by car is the most comfortable way to discover wineries in Calabria. You will discover some of the best wineries in Calabria:

  • In a short drive around Reggio Calabria;
  • There are several wineries located near Lamezia Terme, which is in an hour and a half drive from Reggio Calabria. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you are traveling from Reggio Calabria to Lamezia Terme and you can actually stop by Capo Vaticano and enjoy some of the most mesmerizing landscapes over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There are long-distance trains connecting Calabria from Milan, Rome, and Naples.

When it comes to the regional trains, it is definitely not the best way to travel in Calabria if you would like to explore some remote places and visit wineries in Calabria. However, you can travel among the big cities of Calabria with regional train lines. There is a train line between Reggio di Calabria and Vibo Valentia Pizzo. It takes 1 hour and 11 minutes, without having to change it.

There are some wineries to explore near Vibo Valentina and Reggio Calabria worth exploring.

Read More about Wineries in Calabria

Everything you need to know about wineries in Calabria

Whether exploring wineries in Calabria, long walks on the beach, hiking – Calabria is a true holiday paradise in summer!

Visit in the summer months between June to mid-October, for the ideal condition with 11 hours of sunshine touching the region.

Here you will find:
– Wineries with a long history
– Traditional family-run wineries
– Wineries following farming with an ecological and biodynamic approach
– Mesmerizing natural views of mountains and lush countryside.

Visiting wineries in Calabria will open a whole new book of winemaking techniques, philosophies with their great history and rich culture.

Almost all Wineries in Calabria have their own tasting room. In addition, Wineries, cellar houses and co-operatives offer guided tours where you can learn first hand what makes Calabria wines and Gamay grapes so special. Use the details from our website as the basis for your next winery tour, so you visit different areas in turn and taste the wines made by different wineries.

Most of the wineries in Calabria offers wide range of experiences starting from plain wine tastings to luxurious dining and everything in between. You can taste the fine quality Calabrian wines either in the wine bar or in gourmet restaurants with delicious meals. Have a look at our list of wine tastings and tours in Calabria.

Overall wine production of Calabria is mix of 90% red wines and 10% white wines. Major grape varieties grown in Calabria are:
– Gaglioppo
– Greco Nero
– Greco Bianco
– Trebbiano Toscano
– Malvasia Bianca
– Nerello Mascalese
– Nerello Cappuccio
– Ansonica
– Chardonnay
– Cabernet Sauvignon

Some words to remember before you visit Wineries in Calabria:

  • “Vino”- Wine
  • “Cantina” – Winery
  • “Vigna” – Vine
  • “Vigneto” – Vineyard
  • “Uva” – Grape
  • “Vino Bianco” – White wine
  • “Vino Rosso” – Red wine
  • “Rosé” – Rosé wine
  • “Strada del Vino/dei Vini” – Wine route
  • “Salute!” or “Cin Cin” – Cheers!

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