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Franken is a unique wine region with a thousand-year-old untapped wine culture that started during the Roman reign. Some of the wine appellations of the region are Maindreieck, Mainviereck, and Steigerwald. Wineries in Franken are eager to share their fine wines and winemaking history with their guests. You can find many wineries and attractive places near Bayreuth and Würzburg.

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Weingut Höfling, one of our partner wineries from Franken

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Learn about the second-largest winery of Germany – Juliusspital

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Klinikstraße 1, Würzburg, Bavaria, 97070, Germany

Pay a visit to one of the most fabulous baroque palaces in Europe, dates back to 1720.

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Residenzplatz 3, Wuerzburg, Bavaria, 97070, Germany

A modern winery set up in 2012 with a castle for its visitors

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Marktplatz 14 (Barockschloss Zeilitzheim), Kolitzheim-Zeilitzheim, Bavaria, 97509, Germany

An old winery with vineyards on two of the best slopes of the region

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Rathausgasse 5, Kreuzwertheim, Bavaria , 97892, Germany

Old Sommerhausen winery with a rich history and a hotel for visitors

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Plan 4, Sommerhausen, Bavaria , 97286, Germany

Where the winegrowing tradition is royal and 400 years old

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Schlosspark 3, Kleinheubach, Bayern, 63924, Germany

A family-owned winery that uses domestic wood and hometown barrels

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Kellereigasse 14, Eußenheim, Bayern, 97776, Germany

Wines Made with Ancient Traditions by the Sixth Generation of Winemakers

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Lange G. 36, 97346 Iphofen, Germany

Weingut Lother, wines made from vines grown in shell-limestone soil

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Birkenstraße 3, Wipfeld, Franken, 97537, Germany

Wine tastings, whiskey tastings and much more

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Untere Dorfstraße 8, Zeilitzheim, Deutschland / Franken, 97509, Germany

One of the Largest Family-Owned Wineries in Franconia, Germany

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Ulsenheim 114, Markt Nordheim, 91478, Frankonia, Germany

Family-run winery practicing sustainable viticulture to produce distinct wines

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Ochsenfurter Straße 21, Randersacker, Bayern, 97236, Germany

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Franken

Many travelers plan to visit wineries in Franken in early spring or fall as the weather is pleasant during this time. You can feel the warm temperature and also there is limited rainfall.

You can have hands-on harvest experience during the early fall. The region celebrates the end of the wine harvest with the same enthusiasm that they have during Federweißen (new wine).

During summer evenings you can relax in one of the Würzburg wineries, when the sun is still out and enjoy a glass of Silvaner, raising a final toast to a beautiful sunset!

Wineries in Franken know how to perfectly blend wine, cuisine, and culture in innovative ways. Here you will find:
– Wineries with long winemaking culture and history;
– Traditional family-run wineries;
– Wines traditionally bottled in Bocksbeutel (flattened ellipsoid shape).

Visiting different wineries in Franken will open the diversity of winemaking techniques, philosophies, history, and cultural aspects.

Wineries in Franken have modern wine architectures with stylish tasting rooms. Nearly all wineries in Franken have different wine tasting and tour experiences to offer. They offer wine tasting, guided tours of the vineyard, and classic cellar rooms.

Some wineries give you the option for the language you want to be guided in – usually English or German. Many wineries have restaurants facility that offers the market-fresh and seasonal traditional dishes. You can also have a wine tasting in their restaurant’s wine bar. If you want to take home some of their unique bottles, there are many wine shops nearby that will offer you the best Franken wines.

See frequently asked questions below to find out which wineries offer restaurants and accommodation.

Around 80% of the vineyards have white grape varieties under vine. Silvaner is the most important grape variety of Franken weighing as much importance as Riesling in most other German wine regions.

Some of the popular grape varieties produced here are:

  • Silvaner;
  • Pinot Noir;
  • Riesling, and;
  • Muller-Thurgau.

Franken mainly produces dry white wines and a few amount of red wines. Almost half of their wines are botted traditionally in Bocksbeutel, which adds to their uniqueness. Most of the Franken dry wines have sugar contents of less than 4 grams per liter. Franken wines are generally full-bodied and aren’t much aromatic because of the climatic influences on these grape varieties.

These wines are enjoyed at different stages of their maturity. For example, the Kabinett style wines are enjoyed when they are young whereas the dry Spatlese wines, sweet wines, and high-quality Franken red wines are consumed one or two years after their bottling. Some wineries in Franken also make rosé wines.

Some words to remember before you visit wineries in Franken:

“Prost!” – Cheers!
“Wein” – Wine
“Weingut”- Winery
“Weinprobe” – Wine tasting
“Weinstraße” – Wine route

Frequently Asked Questions about Wineries in Franken

Selection of the most frequently asked questions about Wineries in Franken

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