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This wine-producing region borders Italy and has the one with the warmest climate among Slovenia’s wine regions. This is an ideal location for vine growing, and the influence of climate and soil provides a significant variety in the selection of excellent wines. Wineries in Primorska are located all across the many winemaking districts such as Vipava, Slovenian Istra, Goriska Brda, and Karts. Here you can find numerous of superior quality wineries, which keep the doors wide openly for all connoisseurs of exquisite wines.

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We have provided a list of wineries in Primorska open for visitors with direct booking options through our website. At WineTourism.com, we are available to answer any questions and help guide you towards the best fit when planning your wine region experience in Primorska. We hope you will discover what makes the region special and enjoy your exploration of unforgettable Primorska!

stekar wines lovely estate and courtyard with flowers gardens

Discover Stekar Wines, one of our partner wineries in Primorska

Browse through the best selection of outstanding wineries

A family company with great history and a wine cellar and guesthouse

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Gračišče 1, Gračišče, 6272, Slovenian Istria, Slovenia

A combined tour which includes artwork of various artists and winemakers.

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Third-generation winery certified organic since 2019 and making natural wines

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Kozana 2, Goriška brda, 5212 Dobrovo, Primorska, Slovenia

Winery with a beautiful view of the sea and fantastic food.

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Kolomban 13 B, Ankaran, Ankaran, 6280, Slovenia

Hiša Štekar, the first certified biological winery in Slovenia.

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Snežatno 26a, Kojsko, Goriška Brda, 5211, Slovenia

The most well respected regional wines in Slovenia

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Manče 5, Vipava, Primorska, 5271, Slovenia

Organic winery that is the leading producer of Rebula in the world

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Zadružna cesta 9, Dobrovo, 5212, Goriška brda, Slovenia

Estate with a rich tradition dating back to the start of the previous century

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Vrhpolje77, Vipava, Vipavska Dolina, 5271, Slovenia

Young winemakers making modern, boutique wines using the concept of nano-viticulture

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249 Lendavske gorice, Lendava, Prekmurje, 9220, Slovenia

Traditional wine cellar from 1778 producing regional Zelen and Pinela wines

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Slap 53a, Vipava, Vipava Valley, 5271, Slovenia

Istrian winery making organic wines according to HADO science guidelines

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Truske 40, Marezige, 6273, Istria, Slovenia

Winery in the center of vineyards upholding the family tradition of high-quality wine

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Read More about Wineries in Primorska

Everything you need to know about wineries in Primorska.

Summer is perfect for traveling and visiting wineries in Primorska. The region gets packed around the Piran area because it is a popular summer holiday destination, but thanks to the mild climate, it is never too hot and going around wineries in Primorska is very pleasant. 

Spring is not a bad season either to visit wineries in Primorska, as in April and May this region looks a kind of fairy tale-ish, and you can visit most of the attractions and wineries in Primorska.

Wineries in Primorska are diverse and well respected.

Most of them are family-owned wineries continuing the traditions through several generations. However, there are also young winemakers that have more recently opened their modern, boutique wineries. Most of them produce under the concept of nano-viticulture, natural and organic winemaking. Traditional methods are always respected and make wineries in Primorska excellent and unique. 

Wineries in Primorska are well-organised and provide a variety of facilities and activities for their visitors’ convenience. If you’re planning a visit with your family or a party, several wineries in Primorska offer activities for kids, bus parking, and reduced mobility access. Most wineries are pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friend along. 

All wineries in Primorska have a tasting room and a small number also have a restaurant where they serve local specialities. If you plan to stay for a night, accommodation services are available too. Check our Q&A below to find which winery in Primorska is best for you!

These are the main grape varieties grown at wineries in Primorska:

Red: Refosk, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
White: Rebula, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris,  Pinela, Zelen

The Brda district, within the Primorska wine region, is best known for its Rebula white wine and red Merlot and Cabernet blends. Merlot wines have a light and fun flavor with raspberry aromas.

The most widely grown wines in the Viapava district are light and crisp white wines made from Pinela and Zelen grapes.

Some words to remember before you visit wineries in Primorska:

  • Vinarna – Winery
  • Vino – Wine
  • Vinograd – Vineyard
  • Plezalka – Vine
  • Degustácija vin – Wine tasting
  • Klet – Wine cellar
  • Rdeče vino – Red wine
  • Belo vino – White wine
  • Vino rosé – Rosé wine
  • Na zdravje! – Cheers!

Top 10 Q&As About Wineries in Primorska

A selection of the most frequently asked questions about wineries in Primorska.

Most of the wineries in Primorska are located in the wine regions in the countryside. The best way to prepare a visit to a winery in Primorska is to book your visit in advance on our website.

These wineries in Primorska are open to the public with booking in advance:

This is our selection of small & boutique wineries in Primorska that you can visit:

Use our interactive Primorska winery map to browse wineries near Koper, Izola and Piran.

Are you interested in reading more about Primorska in Slovenia? Read our travel guide to Primorska wine region, or visit our selection of the very best guide to wine tastings and tours in Primorska that you can book during your stay.