First Vines Planted in 500 BC

The esteemed sub-region of Coteaux du Languedoc has an array of wines known worldwide for their singular style and quality. As you embark on your travels through the wine region of Languedoc-Roussillon, we hope you will enjoy discovering these classic wines.

Large Region Further Divided

Coteaux du Languedoc’s grace and finesse are primarily due to the area’s winemakers and their incredible attention to detail in their methods. These elements help to shape a style of wine found nowhere else in France or the world for that matter. Indeed, the area covered by Coteaux du Languedoc is large, thus, is subdivided into the following sub-appellations:

  • Grès de Montpellier
  • La Clape
  • Pézenas
  • Pic Saint Loup
  • Picpoul de Pinet
  • Terrasses de Béziers
  • Terrasses du Larzac
  • Terres de Sommières

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We encourage you to dive into the outstanding wines that make Coteaux du Languedoc a favorite for wine drinkers worldwide. Please explore our site to discover what Wineries in Coteaux du Languedoc have to offer and plan your wine adventure today. Find out more about Wine Tasting and Tours in Coteaux du Languedoc.

This region is a sub-region of Languedoc-Roussillon. More information and facts about this sub-region will be added shortly.


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Region Highlights

Types of Wines:

The Languedoc-Roussillon region

Languedoc-Roussillon wine region

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Selected wineries in Coteaux du Languedoc

Château Bas d’Aumelas
D'Albenas' brothers respect and preserve the land by without using the chemicals on their vineyards.
Château Capion
Come enjoy many activities in the beautiful Hérault valley.
Château Costes Cirgues
An organic vineyard surrounded by olive trees and fields.
Château de Flaugergues
Why not taste nice wines of Languedoc in a beautiful castle of 17th century?

Wine tastings & tours in Coteaux du Languedoc

Biodynamic wine tasting and tour at Domaine de Malavieille
Enjoy your biodynamic wine tasting and complete tour at Domaine de Malavieille
Half-day at Château Capion
When you can enjoy art, wine and sport in a beautiful winery at Château Capion
Hotel and restaurant at Domaine La Yole
Take your time at Domaine La Yole
Never-seen-before tapas party over wine at Domaine Sainte Octime
Never-seen-before tapas party over wine at Domaine Sainte Octime